“We have had unbreakable success”-TRTSpor

The celebration program, sponsored by Sivas Municipality, began with soccer players, technical committees and managers arriving at Cumhuriyet Square by bus.

Many fans gathered in the field showed their love for the red and white team.

In his speech here, Sivaspor Club President Jeong Jinwoon Otiakumas said that the red and white team recently brought the 60th Turkish Cup to the museum as we celebrated our 55th anniversary. I said it was done.

Otia Kumatsu emphasized the importance of the Turkish Cup, “We put a lot of effort into the cup this season. The team, supported by the support of great fans in the final, played great football and the trophy. This trophy is for us. It was very important not only for the team but also for the city of Shivas. It was important. Our players played and fought according to him. Everyone knows their responsibilities and everyone has a duty. I did it. “

“We have had unbreakable success.”

Recalling that Sivaspor has played in the Europa League for the second consecutive season, Otia Kumatsu said:

“Salih Ayhan continued to be successful and will once again represent our country in Europe in the third year. As an Anatolian team, we have had an unbreakable success. We have become accustomed to the European playing culture and gained experience here. Our team also left our team in Istanbul in this season’s European League, our Governor YılmazŞimşek, our mayor Hilmi Bilgin, our Sivas agent, our Sivas Thanks to the bureaucrats, representatives of non-governmental organizations and associations, our former Governor Salih Ayhan, and all our sponsors. With our coach Rıza Çalımbay for making great efforts in this success. Thanks to his team, our soccer players, the board of directors, and the employees of our club.
May our cup be good for our Sivaspor and our city. “

“I’ve always dreamed of something like this.”

Director Luza Charumbay said he was pleased to bring this happiness to the people of Shivas.

Charnbay said, “I was always dreaming about that when I was out and thinking about my childhood. Thank you. I wanted to be here with the whole team, but some of my friends couldn’t come. They also greet you very much, “he said.

Charnbay emphasized that the red and white teams are going to Europe again, “We are going to Europe now. Soccer players have an influence here, but in my opinion the fans are in the twelfth. He’s the first man without you. You can’t even win the match without you. Good luck to everyone in the cup, “he said.

-Governor Yilmaz Simsek: “Congratulations to Sivas at the Turkish Cup”

Governor Shivas Yılmaz Simsek also congratulated Sivasspor, who won the city’s trophy.

Hoping the cup would be beneficial, Simshek said: Good luck and good luck to Sivas in the Turkish Cup. I would like to thank the players, Liza’s teacher, and the management for making me feel proud. “

Mayor Hilmi Bilgin of Shivas thanked those who helped bring the trophy into the city, “We are with you on a wonderful day. As Shivas, we say,” This trophy is coming. ” I believed it was. And this trophy came to Shivas. On behalf of all the Shivas people, I would like to thank President Majunun and his team. ” He said.

Deputy Semiha Ekinci of AK Party Sivas and Mustafa Eken, Chairman of the Sivas Chamber of Commerce, thanked the people who contributed to the Sivas trophy.

The celebration program followed the concert of artist Onul Sun.