We have allocated 2.5 million square meters of financial land to the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the municipalities.

Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Murato OrganizationSaid it is supporting sports and athletes, and said it has allocated approximately 2.5 million square meters of financial land to the Youth Sports Ministry and local governments in 39 states within the scope of the sports-based project.

At the opening of the Konya Athletic Track, which was attended by Youth Sports Minister Mehmet Muharlem Casapol, Konya said he was proud of his athletes. The agency wanted the success of וttifak Holding Konyaspor and Beysu Konyaspor, who hosted Samsunspor on the field today in the Misli.com Turkish Basketball League Playoffs Final Series.

Authorities congratulated Altai, noting that the mayor of Uglu Ibrahim Altay in the Konya metropolitan area has taken over as chairman of the world’s largest municipalities, the US City and the World Local Government.

Under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he said he was excited, proud and enthusiastic about adding new things to the vision project that survived for 20 years at Konya’s athletics stadium. I am. Thousands of young people and athletes grow and add value to the brand value of our city at the athletics stadium, the center of sports. We are pleased to be able to provide services to Konya. I would like to express my gratitude. Our Minister of Youth and Sports, Mehmet Casapol, is grateful that he was in Konya and brought this wonderful facility to our Konya. He said.

“We are always on the side of Turkish sports, Turkish football”

The agency stated that Konya has always been a model and exemplary city in all areas. Minister Kulm continued:

“We have seen this example in the last few months. Our Konya was named the World Sports Capital of 2023 by the European Capital and Cities Federation. Konya is the first city in Turkey and 2 in the world. The second city to receive this. Special title. Our Konya is 9-18. We will also be hosting the 5th Islamic Solidarity Game in August. This is the largest and most comprehensive event in the Islamic world. , Welcomes about 3,000 athletes and tens of thousands of spectators from 56 countries. Konya, the capital of Seljuk. “The fairy escapes from Susan and heads for the hustle and bustle.” Therefore, the young players are enthusiastic and inspiring. A spirit of competitiveness is expected. Victories and medals are expected for players participating in Islam. Solidarity game. “

Hoping that the Konya Athletic Track would be beneficial to the nation, the nation, and the athletes, the agency said, “Our prophets said,’A strong man is better than a weak man.’ It reminds us that we have to be strong. No doubt this is possible with the strong body that results from the sport. In this sense we always support the Turkish sport, Turkish football. In our country, together with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, with the help of the TOK0054 Presidency, we have achieved the construction of a total of 19 stadiums, “he said.

“We attach great importance to the project of spreading sports to the base.”

They said they would continue to support sports and athletes, the agency said:

“Within the base sports promotion project initiated by our Youth Sports Minister, we have allocated a treasure trove of about 2.5 million square meters to the Ministry of Youth Sports and municipalities. Our youth are in 39 states. You can play sports in. These areas are designed by our youth and the Ministry of Sports for our youth and children. It is offered to our country, the service of our youth. As a ministry, we are free to use our young brothers in the allocation of real estate in our treasure trove and the construction of sports centers. We send praise to our young brothers. Let’s. They are the center of all projects with us. Their ideas are the center of all our projects. We will continue to carry out the projects in line with their opinions. “

Today, we point out that we are facing serious consequences of climate change for Turkey and our common home, the world, and the agency said, “We must fight this entire crisis. We will fight this struggle under the leadership of the President, along with all the ministries. Undoubtedly, the greatest effort in this sense depends on our young people who guarantee our future. ” Told.

The agency thanked the young climate ambassadors and those who supported their work in this context.

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