We consider a flight ban to be a declaration of war.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin noted that attempts to impose no-fly zones from other countries would be considered direct participation in military operations, saying, “No-fly zones are considered a declaration of war. Other countries consider this to be a declaration of war. If we make a decision, we consider it a direct declaration of war. ”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said attempts to impose no-fly zones from other countries would be considered direct participation in military operations.

Vladimir Putin met with female pilots and employees of Russian airlines and made important remarks on the development of Ukraine.

President Putin said he had a hard time making a decision to launch a military operation against Ukraine, saying: “I said this at the beginning of surgery, and I said it before this decision was made,” he said.

President Putin said Russia had successfully proceeded with Ukraine’s operations, saying: Mainly weapons, ammunition depots, aircraft, and air defense systems were destroyed, but not all, but partially. Detecting and destroying air defense systems takes time. “The work on military infrastructure in Ukraine is almost complete,” he said.

“We consider a flight ban as a declaration of war.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for the declaration of Ukrainian airspace as a “no-fly zone,” noting some national support for this decision, Putin said: Ukrainian territory. This would pose a threat to the soldiers as we consider them participating in an armed conflict in that country. We consider a flight ban to be a declaration of war. “If another country makes this decision, we would consider it a direct declaration of war,” he said.

President Putin described the status of Ukraine’s accession to NATO as follows. “They started talking more and more about the fact that Ukraine is accepted by NATO. Do you know what Ukraine’s accession to NATO entails? He said.

“Sanctions are like a declaration of war.”

President Putin criticized Western sanctions on Russia, saying: “The sanctions imposed on us are like a declaration of war against Russia,” he said.

“We have tried and carried out everything to ensure that the event develops in this direction, in order to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity and protect the interests of the people who live in this land.” Putin said. Basically, the right to speak the native language, Russian, the right to live within the framework of their own traditions and culture, was not a special requirement. We tried to settle the conflict in Ukraine peacefully. “

President Putin reiterated that Ukraine did not give up its desire to possess nuclear weapons, saying: Now they are talking about having a nuclear status. In other words, get nuclear weapons. Such a thing cannot be ignored. He also knows how the so-called West treats Russia. “

“Russia does not need martial law”

In response to the allegation that martial law will be declared in Russia regarding Ukrainian operations, Putin said: It’s not necessary, “he said. President Putin also said that he would “strengthen domestic flights and continue international flights in the permitted directions” regarding the decision to limit the operation of Russian airlines or suspend them from their side.


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