“We completed 2021 by breaking the record”-TRTSpor

With the participation of President Legep Typ Erdogan, Minister Casapol participated in the presentation of Istiqlal folk songs and the conference program of youth and national athlete representatives at the Great Ankara Mosque Cultural Conference Center.

The torch of independence, illuminated by Gazimstafa Kemal Ataturk and his friends in Samsung 103 years ago, said it was as bright as the first day and shed light on the future, Casapol said, “Today is May 19th. Day. One of the turning points. Historically, Turkish chains, prisoners, enslavement and occupation have never been accepted. The day he announced to the world that he would do nothing. Ataturk, May 19th. Congratulations to youth and sports day. I congratulate you. With the founder of the Republic, Gazimstafa Kemal Ataturk, this vacation is mercifully and grateful to our youth. All the heroes of the national struggle. “He said.

Mr. Casapol emphasized that Turkey has leaders who hold the hands of young people, “I praise Allah. We will not give in to anyone, raise the fame of the country, and get young people. There is a president who prepares for it. “We have a wise leader who knows the laws of millions of people and knows his own laws. Keep our heads high and we Thank God for letting us stand the flag and our independence forever. Our gratitude debt and our gratitude to the Martyrs and veterans are endless. “

“We set a new medal record and completed 2021.”

Minister Casapol said the momentum would be even stronger after 2021 by breaking the medal record.

Kasapo─člu explains that they broke records not only in sports but also in youth work, saying:

“We have built 400 youth centers, 300 youth offices and 43 youth camps to train them socially, culturally, educationally and athleticly with millions of young people. We have carried out thousands of activities in the comprehensive dormitory system with a capacity of 477,000 and 783 students. “We have connected youth and dormitories. Equal opportunities in university education and We have raised the accessibility to a level that serves as a model for the entire world. “

Under the leadership of President Erdogan, he points out that over the last 20 years there has been a great deal of investment in all areas, not just sports, Casapol said: 20 years of politics and services, districts, districts, villages, villages. I used a phrase.

President Erdogan: “You believed in young people and trusted them,” Kasapo─člu concludes his words:

“The greatest proof of trust in them is that you have reduced the elected age to 18. You have eliminated college tuition that afflicts hundreds of thousands of young people. In our 81 states. By building a university, you can anyone who wants to benefit from this education. We, along with our dormitory, youth center, make the children of this country freely available and We will continue to increase the light of their eyes in our camp. On this occasion I will once again celebrate the Memorial of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day, and all the heroes of our country’s struggle, especially Gazimsta Fakemal. We commemorate Ataturk with mercy. “