“We believe we are leaving the group” – TRT Spor


At a press conference held at the Sivas 4 Eylül stadium where the match will take place, Charingbei recalled that the red-white team has been in the European Cup for the past three years.

Emphasizing that they are facing a very strong team, Charumbai said: “Slavia Praha is also one of the strong teams. If you look at the last three games, they have clearly won 4-0, 6-0. It’s a team,” he said. , is 7-0 in the league. A dangerous team on all fronts. ” Said.

Charingbei said he needed to focus on the match and said:

“I believe we can get out of this group. I think we and Slavia Praha will compete in the group, but I don’t underestimate the other teams because they are also the champions of their country. That’s why we need to finish.”We’re going to have a good game on the field.Our only thought is to score points and points on the field.We’re going to play two games here very well.” I believe that I will leave the group when I get good results.

Said they had played well in the league over the last few weeks, gaining many positions but not being able to appreciate them, Charingbei said, “Our team is improving and we are looking forward to new friends. We are gradually getting better through the adaptation process. Friends who are not ready in terms of condition are getting better as they play. We are a team that has the ability to come out of the group and do this. We will do that too, he said.


Charingbei said he hopes to use the advantage of the fans to leave the match with a win.

“The three points we got from here will put us in a very good place.”

“The three points we’ve got here will put us in a very good place,” said Charingbei, who said the new transfer was gradually getting better and they would benefit from this game. It’s not right to confuse this place with a league..we’ll be in good shape.we’re a strong and good team, we hope to do good things.we made that assessment .

Chalimbai said Erdogan Yessilurt’s injury continues and defender Murat Paruri’s condition will be known at the time of the match.

Noting that they have played matches in the league and Europe, Charingbai requested that these issues be taken into account when deciding on league matches.

Charingbey emphasized that success can only be achieved with the support of fans, continuing:

“I’m asking the fans to stop booing the players. Players don’t come on the field and play badly. They try to do the best they can. , they get even more anxious.No matter what 90.The fans have to take care of the team.Tomorrow.” In terms of points, in all aspects. That’s why everyone needs to support us.”

Description of Charis Charisis

Midfielder Kalis Kalissis noted that Slavia Prague were the best team in the group, adding: He said.

Noting that the red and white team is going through an adaptation process and will need some time, Calisis said:

“Turkish league football is mostly based on physics. This is a style of football that I have just adapted to and the level is very high. During the adaptation process, my teachers and friends help me a lot. As a club, everyone works very professionally.The club provides us with everything we need to be successful.”