We are the ones who know best how to fight inflation.

Treasury Minister Nureddin Nevaty said they are the ones who know best how to fight inflation, and the era of high inflation will be over.

Finance Minister Newredin plantI met the citizens at Kumfriet Square in the Viransehir district of Sanliurfa.

Comments on the agenda Nabati also touched on the issue of inflation.

“Problems we haven’t solved in 20 years”

Minister plantThey have experienced difficulties and have stated that the prices of commodities and oil are currently rising around the world, he said:

“We tried not to reflect that for two years, and Turkey is one of the most important countries in the world to positively distinguish itself. It grows while the world is shrinking in 2020. And achieved double-digit growth of 11 percent in 2021. We are currently under inflationary pressure. We will handle it for 20 years. “What problem do we solve?” did not do it. We have overcome a much bigger problem for 20 years. With Allah’s vacation, we have overcome these problems. Your support and prayer.

Nureddin Nebati: We are one of the best people to know how to fight inflation ViDEO

“We are working, we will continue to work”

Under the leadership of our President, all our ministers, ministers, agents, mayors, but we are all at your disposal. We are working, we will continue to work, and we are among those who know best how to fight inflation. These days are gone. Remember that after all the difficulties there is ease.

When the epidemic began in the country two years ago, those who said, “This country is dead, over, and burned,” hit the wall to see growth and development two years later. .. But don’t worry. Today, in order to spread pessimism and demoralize people, we are going to London to talk about Turkey and appeal to those who are trying to attract investment in Turkey. I’m calling on people to complain. About Turkey.

We are representatives of a powerful country, which, with the permission of Allah, does not thank or beg for anyone. We are representatives of a country that has a strong national civilization and knows that its power has been passed down from the past.

We do not succumb to difficulties. Two years ago, they said, “This country has burned down and is over.” It will continue to be wrong, just as it was wrong for two years. Again, we overcome these difficult world affairs. “

“The country has begun to trust the Turkish lira.”

Explaining that Turkey’s economic model is a reality and the world is currently monitoring this model, Minister plantContinued his words as follows:

“Forex prices are reasonable, but this time I started asking,’Why is it reasonable, what are you doing?’. There is faith, there is faith. The country has begun to trust the Turkish lira. We started to experience the beauty of doing business with the Turkish lira, and while our entrepreneurs were doing business, they learned to do business, not at interest rates far above inflation. But the rate is well below inflation.

The country realized the power of the Turkish lira. These difficult days are gone, the country knows how to overcome these pessimists as we have overcome inflation.

Never discriminate against Kurds, Arabs, Turks and Circassians, act with confidence and optimism brought about by the unity and brotherhood of our barber shop.

“Let them talk and let them complain.”

Optimism is one of the most beautiful features of these lands. Pessimists always say wrong, they always cry, we have nothing to do with the crying person. We only know how to wipe the tears of oppressed people. We never trust the false tears of those who lie, deceive, and say, “The country has sunk, burned, and finished.”

This country is a powerful country. With the resignation of Allah, the country is happy with Allah and the people are happy with it. And just as it made us serve for 20 years, it will continue to do so in the future. We work with faith, so we work with respect and have a country in mind.

As we say, “We are servants of the country,” Alhamdulillah’s work is easily resolved and easy to proceed after any difficulty. Let them talk, they complain, they look away, they steal news abroad, they slander that we are not from social media, what they are Even if we do, we will be the winners. As long as we are together, as long as we move together, we will walk together. “

“This life is a lie”

Minister plantThose who had the title of professor or associate professor before December 20th, and those who claimed to be politicians for many years, deceived the public and said:

“I said,’Get foreign currency.’ Don’t do that. This isn’t right, the economic reality doesn’t fit this, they made fun of us and kept swearing at us. They continued. Do not give up all sorts of operational and speculative remarks. They even said the equivalent of betrayal, what happened on December 20th? They are on social media. They did something manipulative again in the game. They said, “The country has run out of sunflower oil.” By sharing fake documents, fake photos, or photos from the markets they were campaigning for. , Made the country stock up on sunflowers.

“Look at what we are saying when we were wrong.”

My beloved brothers and sisters, they live a lie and a life based on lies. Look at what we are saying. When was we wrong and when was the President wrong? We say the right thing, don’t act on the lies that social media has made for you. With these stockers and partners, even though they know that Turkey produces oil but oil is not a problem, they don’t pay attention to those who say “there is an oil problem”. We exist, work, and will continue to do so. “