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the best we are

Busena’s Sulmeneri, who came to the ring at 69 kg in Tokyo, lost weight and competed at 66 kg in Istanbul, but the result was unchanged. He defeated Thailand’s Swannafen and showed the world that he is the biggest here. Recalling the words “I’ll make you cry more” in an interview with SABAH Spor after the Olympics, the champion said, “As long as anger continues, the championship will come anytime. I don’t think anyone can do it. I speak decisively. By winning the Olympic medal, we will continue to cry together. “

Champion club is a champion
As a Turkish woman, Busenas shouted to the whole world, “We are the best,” “The story is different for each championship. The most special aspect of the world championship is to support us. It was an integration with a stale fan. I stood up and shouted our name. Together, we shouted that we were the best. “A 23-year-old boxer at the Trabson Spor Club, on Twitter. “Champion athletes deserve a championship club,” posted by the Burgundy Blue people.

Buse Naz Çakıroğlu:
To our president We promise gold
The gold medal won by AYŞE on May 19th impressed and motivated us all. We’ve dreamed of this day for weeks and now we’re here as world champions. The support and importance given to us by Fenerbahce and our state is clear. Our sports minister has always been with us. He saw our game standing. He was delighted and accompanied us with cheers. The president was also very happy. His goal is always gold at the Olympics. We hope that your wish will come true. The two medals were very important. I won the world championships, the Olympics are next.

Not in the ring Battle with the flag
The joy and happiness of becoming a WORLD champion is very different. When thinking about sports, the first thing that comes to mind is soccer. Boxing is also recognized as a men’s sport, but as Turkish women, we have shown our strength in the ring. We would like to thank President Ali Kochu and everyone who prayed for our success. I am also proud to have been blessed by the call from the president. We are currently the best in women’s boxing in the world. I always say, “Aishe is not racing in the ring, the Turkish flag is racing.” We are strong Turkish women. Now we are competing for the same success in the next championship.

Senur Demir:
Lower my age Keep up the competition!
Normally, we seem to have 12 athletes competing, but in reality 84 million were competing. I won 7 medals. 5 gold, 2 bronze, 5 of which are from the Fenerbahce Sports Club. First of all, I would like to thank my president, Ali Kochu, and everyone who supported him. We were in the camp so we couldn’t experience the Ramadan feast. “Our holiday is when we win the gold medal after the championship,” we said. I’m glad. My age is 39 years old … but after this success and happiness, I want to reduce the size and continue my career (laughs).

Hatice Akbas:
To a new target We are all ready!
As a team, we have achieved historic success and won five gold medals. I’m so happy. I can’t even find the words to describe it. We worked really hard, but in return we got a lot of things. Since the date of the championship was announced, we have been working day and night to be proud of our country. We have shown the power of Turkish women to all, but these successes do not end here. There is no doubt that we will do our best to reach first place in the Mediterranean Games, European Championships and the Paris Olympics.

Sema Chariskan:
We didn’t go home for 3 months
I finished the world championship with a bronze medal, but my goal for the next tournament is a gold medal. We didn’t go home for three months, wept and made sacrifices for success, but finally showed the power of Turkish women to the world.

You entered the history of F. Bahçe with golden letters.
F. BAHÇE President Arikochu congratulated the champion boxer and his trainer, saying, “I wrote your name in golden letters not only in Turkish women’s boxing, but also in the history of the Fenerbahce Sports Club.” .. Kochi also quoted a meeting with Sports Minister Mehmet Casapol: “It is important for our community that he tells us how valuable our efforts and efforts are. To him. Thank you. “