“We are not chameleon politicians,” said Baseri, targeting the names of the four.

In response to CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu’s reference to the “election threshold,” MHP Chair Bahçeli said, “We know how to crouch, not swim. People like you are me. I’m seeing how we’re drowning where we are. ” To the mayor, Bahçeli also targeted Ekremðmamoğlu, Ali Babacan and Temel Karamollaoğlu.


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“If you say you don’t cross the bridge, you can jump into the sea and face each other,” said Devlet Bacheli, chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), targeting the opposition. Where do you swim when you can’t cross the dam? He responded to his remarks by targeting Kemal Kılıç daroğlu, the chairman of the Republican People’s Party (CHP).

In response to Kılıçdaroğlu’s “dam” mention, Bahceli said, “Kılıçdaroğlu is not very curious. What happens is curious. We know how to crush, not swim. I We see how people like you drown where we are. “Bacheli continued: “I think you like swimming. We’ve come face-to-face and lined up. You can hear your cry for help from the ballot box. You and your master, and your separation. Even the philosopher’s partner clearly knows the nationalist movement. The party is not a dam-like problem. “

Bacheli attended and gave a speech at a mayoral meeting hosted by his party in Antalya.

Babacan and Caramoor Laoel attend and sent to Imamoel

Ekrem Imamoul, president of the Istanbul Metropolitan Area (IMM), also targeted the speech without mentioning it, saying, “The mayor may eat fish while the city or town is working on a cold winter. No. The mayor does not take a vacation at sea while the city is submerged. The mayor does not ski while the city is hit by an earthquake. “

Targeting DEVA party chairman Ali Babajan, who criticizes police violence against Adana’s furcanists, “Babakan calls Turkish police torturers. It is unlikely that this unreliable rebel will call them torturers. It’s a claim, “Basseri also told the blissful party chairman Temar Caramoor. Caramoor also said to us, “May Allah give us wisdom. Our hearts are enough for us. What are you looking for next to CHP and HDP?’

“MHP will make an extraordinary effort to elect Erdogan again.”

Bacheli recalled the 2023 election: “MHP has made extraordinary efforts to maximize the number of members of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in June 2023, with the People’s Union making a majority to amend the Constitution. Let’s reach. Legep Typ Erdogan may be reelected. “

The highlights of Bahçeli’s remarks are:

“We do not upset or upset those who turn to MHP, while the evil CHP, a mixture of masked demons and yeast, resolves accounts in both worlds. Those who live in the dignity of truth We have the courage to say whether it is right or wrong.

“We are not from Chalemung politicians.”

We were not chameleon politicians. We were not among those who forgot the past. We did not turn our back on our country by greed. We told people, we revealed the deception of shame.

The mayor of MHP is a sign of both humane and political character. In this regard, I thank you all. You have been blamed for difficult times. Wherever there was a problem, you took care of it. You all know what you are doing, don’t hesitate a bit, I’m following. I hope that you will continue to have a dazzling service policy in the future.

To KILIÇDAROĞLU: We saw how people like you stroked

It does whatever it takes to direct these strategies. Our excitement and speed are increasing. We never stop, we always think better. We talked about the dark side of CHP in 131 members. We expand our work in all districts. Our brothers who voted for CHP saw the game played and a thread of Kılıçdaroğlu and his administration went on the market.

The CHP chair targeted me and asked questions at the last group meeting. Kılıçdaroğlu, it’s not good to be too curious. No matter what happens, it comes from curiosity. We don’t know how to swim, we know how to jump. Let’s see how people like you drown. You, your master, and your separatist partner know that MHP is okay with the dam. Kılıçdaroğlu, how do you push the limits of your apocalyptic conscience? How do you go beyond the limits of national morality and national honor? You say it, answer it. If you know how to swim, try crossing the Bosphorus.

On the other hand, it is strange that the CHP administration, which wants to lower the election threshold to 3%, is conducting politics through the party. Anyone who has done anything wrong with Turkey, anyone who opposes it, MHP will fight them.

We call it both municipality and permanence. If we have to make a choice, I want everyone to know to say persistence. Our citizens do not eat or drink, and if the subject is lies or gossip, none of them are more capable. They are seeking relief from poverty. When inflation monsters raise their heads, they become happy. When the price of a currency rises, it signals a disaster. They don’t care if Turkey gets injured.

“The parties to Z0054LLET have names and are impossible.”

Indeed, it is true that he said he kissed the forehead of a Turkish police officer who intervened in Adana’s so-called Foundation illicit activity. I did what suits me and will do it again. Kiss the police officer’s clean forehead again. Selamsız Babacan calls Turkish police a torturer. It is an unfounded claim that this unreliable rebel calls him a torturer. The Gillette Party is dishonest and dishonest. Karamollaoğlu also said to us, “May God give us wisdom.” Our reason is enough for us, what are you looking for next to CHP and HDP? Please tell me who received this warning. The Gillette Alliance has no problems with Turkey. They say there is no survival problem. Great nations always have survival problems. Great nations have set the goal of being forever. Do you have bread without beca? “

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