“We are aiming for medals in all divisions” – TRT Spor


Speaking at a press conference at the Konya Youth Center, Minister Kasapor said Turkish athletes are continuing to perform well in the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games, which will follow the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2022 Mediterranean Games.

Explaining that they have successfully carried out a very large organization, Casapour said: “We are hosting a venue that unites the Islamic world with a large investment. Konya is the city of tolerance, Mevlana. This is a gift to Turkey and to Konya, one of our symbolic cities. Said.

Minister Casapour recalled that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation is an organization in which member states participate. “This year we are hosting the most attended organization in this meaningful collaboration. Never before has there been such a strong participation. The most inclusive and largest sports organization of 2022. This is a two-day event.‘ He said.

Thanking everyone for their contributions, Casapour highlighted the accomplishments of his players. ”The beautiful paintings of the opening ceremony were a special beauty for us. Valuable players from each country gave hearty applause from their compatriots in Konya. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the people of Konya for their richness of heart. There are many successes in the field. With a record medal. It has the organizational chart of several of the most successful branches in the history of Turkish sports. A total of 238 medals have been won so far. Earlier in Baku he won 197 medals. Passed 3 days ago. His 238 medals received so far are the most by any country in the history of the Islamic Solidarity Games. Not only have they broken records as Turkey, they have become the most successful nation in the history of the game. It also surpassed the medal totals of the following three countries: From now on, every country in gaming history will try to beat our record. ”

“21-year process success story”


Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu emphasized that Turkey has achieved a great sporting revolution in 21 years.

Explaining that this is an experienced success story, Kasapoğlu continued:

“Turkey has a 21-year success story. There are revolutions. One of those revolutions is the sports revolution, youth and sports policy. A success story woven over 21 years One of the most important elements of the sports revolution is the facility revolution.Traces of our facilities and service policies can be seen from all over Turkey to villages. During this process we also built a facility in Konya. The velodrome we opened was the first in Turkey and one of the best in the world. We have produced many stars and champions in our velodrome.We are proud to watch the games in the Olympic pool.Our pool, which we built, is open despite the difficulties of the pandemic. As soon as we saw the medals, the achievements of our children and young people made us proud.We see the most beautiful excitement of this work.Our track and field facilities are Right in the middle.. We created a Sports Valley.. D. Modernizing other facilities… Karatai Sports and Congress Center is a very special task.It is an important indicator of the success of the local administration. These are indicators of the revolution Turkey has carried out under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a 21-year success story.”

“I will aim for medals in all categories.”

Casapour emphasized the quality of the provincial dormitory seen in the game, stating: An organization of this size. One of the key aspects of our success story is our dormitory. Konya is one of the best cities. new season. ” used his statement.

Kasapoğlu said the politicians and athletes who came to Konya were very happy, and continued:

“Turkey is now eager to win medals in a branch that 20 years ago could not even find a representative. gathers with the people of Konya from time to time.Happiness.More than 2000 young volunteers cannot join this organization.The more people share this beauty, the better we can express our benevolent mission. Another picture touched me at the opening ceremony. Stadium enthusiasm When it came time for Turkey. There was a Turkish motorcade all the way across the stadium. We will continue on our way, regardless of obstacles, mistakes, or malice.”