Warning: “When playing sports, be careful of high temperatures and humidity”


Uskudar University Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Head Professor Dr. Sea Blacksmith:

“We must not forget that exercise, especially in hot environments, puts an additional load on our bodies. Both exercise and hot weather raise body temperature, and if the environment is humid, stress High temperatures and humidity can lead to overheating and dehydration in the exercising body, which negatively impacts performance.”

Dr. Deniz Demirci, Head Professor, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Health Sciences, Uskudar University, recommends that weather conditions, the characteristics of the place where the sport is played, and the level of conditions to prevent injuries that can occur when playing sports in the open field. He said that factors such as

Demilch, whose assessment was included in the Uskudar University statement, shared the health benefits of playing sports outdoors and what to consider when doing sports.

Demirci said that the benefits of exercise for both mental and physical health cannot be argued, using the following statement:

“Where you do it matters just as much as the type of sport you do. As the climate warms, people prefer to exercise outdoors instead of indoors. That’s why we start the day by doing sports outside.By doing sports in the fresh air, we can get more oxygen into the body.If the blood circulation is normal, the physical You feel much better physically and mentally.As the climate warms, the number of individual and/or group exercisers outdoors will increase. People love parks not only because they provide an opportunity to get in touch with nature, but also because they are a pleasant place to play to relieve stress.”


・Be careful of high temperature and humidity during sports

Demirci also pointed out that several factors such as weather conditions, the characteristics of the place where the sport is played, and the fitness level of people can cause sports injuries when playing sports outdoors. continued to speak like

“The key here is to minimize the factors that cause injury. It should not be forgotten that exercise, especially in hot environments, puts additional strain on the body. Both exercise and hot air If you raise your body temperature and the humidity in your environment is high, your stress will be further increased. In addition to this discomfort, injuries such as sprains, fractures and concussions can occur.”

Demirci, playing sports without warming up, wearing out the Achilles tendon due to overload, turning on the knee while the foot is stable, falling on the knee, rolling backwards, jumping into the sea or pool, long periods of time I said that there is a possibility of injury due to reasons such as going to the gym unconsciously, breaking a bone due to a load, or not knowing what kind of sports to do.

Noting that weather and heat warnings need to be taken into account, Demirci offered the following suggestions:

“Exercise should be done outdoors or in heat gradually. Avoid excessive exercise that causes fatigue, take breaks in between, drink plenty of water before exercise to avoid dehydration. Appropriate clothing should be preferred rather than constricting, heavy or dark clothing Exercise should be done in the morning and afternoon Drink frequent and large amounts of fluids to replenish fluids lost after exercise If you have symptoms such as severe dry mouth, dizziness, muscle weakness, and blurred vision.If observed during exercise, you should stop exercising and move to a shaded, cool environment.Harmful effects of the sun In such cases, it is necessary to wear a hat and sunscreen to get rid of the “need to use auxiliary materials such as creams.” It’s helpful.

– At least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week is recommended

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend doing at least 150 moderate-intensity aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercises at least twice a week for mental and physical health. Emphasize that we recommend doing it for a minute. Sports can be done by one person or by multiple people in the air. Among the sports that can be done alone, walking, jogging, and exercises that strengthen muscles are the first. Cycling, skating, and swimming can also be done alone. Besides these, you can also play tennis, volleyball, volleyball, tennis, basketball with two or more players, and soccer,” he said.

Noting that outdoor sports have proven benefits for individuals and society physically, mentally and spiritually, Demirci said: When it goes up, the crime rate goes down. And studies show it goes down.