Warning “Watch out for high temperatures and humidity during sports”


Professor Dr. Deniz Demirci shared the health benefits of doing sports outdoors and what to consider when doing sports.

Demirci said that the benefits of exercise for both mental and physical health cannot be debated and used the following statement:

Where you play is as important as the type of sport. As the weather warms up, people prefer to exercise outdoors rather than indoors. Playing sports outside is much healthier than going to the gym.

Start your day outside with a sport in the morning and you’ll feel healthier and more energetic throughout the day. Exercising in the fresh air allows your body to take in more oxygen.

When your blood circulation is normal, you feel much better physically and mentally. Therefore, as the climate warms, the number of outdoor individual and/or group exercises is increasing. In addition, forests, seasides and open parks provide opportunities to come into contact with nature, and are preferred by people as places for comfortable exercise that relieves stress.

Attention to heat and humidity when playing sports

Demirci also pointed out that several factors such as weather conditions, the characteristics of the place where the sport is played, and the fitness level of people can cause sports injuries when playing sports outdoors. continued his words like


The key here is to minimize the factors that cause injury. We must not forget that exercising, especially in hot environments, puts an additional load on our bodies. Both exercise and hot weather raise body temperature, and a humid environment further increases stress.

High temperatures and humidity can cause overheating and dehydration during exercise, which negatively impacts performance. Exercising in extremely hot and humid environments can make your body’s cooling system inadequate. This causes discomfort, such as heat cramps, heat syncope, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Added to this discomfort are injuries such as sprains, fractures, and concussions.

Demilch, playing sports without warming up, wearing out the Achilles tendon due to overload, bending the knees while the leg is stable, falling on the knees, spinning backwards, jumping into the sea or pool, spending long periods of time in the water unconsciously He said he could get hurt because of going to the gym, breaking a bone under too much weight, or not knowing what sport to do.

Noting that weather and heat warnings need to be taken into account, Demirci offered the following suggestions:

Exercise should be done gradually in the open air and in the heat. Avoid excessive exercise that causes fatigue, take breaks in between, and drink plenty of water before exercise to avoid dehydration. Appropriate clothing should be preferred instead of tight, heavy and dark clothing. Exercise should be done in the morning and afternoon.

Water should be consumed frequently and in large amounts to replace fluids lost after exercise. If you experience symptoms such as severe dry mouth, dizziness, muscle weakness, or blurred vision during exercise, stop exercising and seek a shaded, cool environment. Aids such as hats and sunscreen should be used to eliminate the harmful effects of the sun. Be careful if you have a dangerous disease. In such cases, listening to your doctor’s recommendations and planning accordingly can help.

Recommended at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week and muscle-strengthening exercise at least twice per week. Emphasize physical health.Outdoor sports can be done by one person or by multiple people. Among the sports that can be done alone, walking, jogging, and muscle-strengthening exercises rank first. You can also cycle, skate and swim by yourself. In addition to these, tennis, volleyball, basketball and soccer he can play with two or more.” was evaluated.

Demirci said outdoor sports have been proven to benefit individuals and society physically, mentally and spiritually.Studies have also shown that people have higher self-confidence, feel happier with the endorphins released, improve learning and memory activity, increase social tolerance, and reduce crime rates.” Said.