War Summit from NATO Leaders: Putin Should Withdraw His Army From Ukraine-Last World News

Today, the eyes and ears of the world were at the NATO Summit in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

The NATO Summit, attended by the leaders of NATO countries, was held at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

Thirty Allied leaders attended the meeting and Turkey was represented by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Joint statement from NATO leaders

A NATO statement stated that Russia’s attack on Ukraine threatened world security.

The statement said:

“China should refrain from supporting Russia’s war in any way. Putin should withdraw his troops from Ukraine and end the war. We defend every corner of the alliance’s territory. Continue. We strongly condemn the attacks on Russian civilians. 30th, 2020 “We hold Belarus responsible for the attacks on Ukraine.”

Stoltenberg: Support Ukraine with anti-tank and drones

NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg said after the summit:

“President Zelensky of Ukraine thanked us. Today, NATO leaders have agreed to further support. Leaders of four NATO countries have approved our support for Ukraine. We Will increase support from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. We will continue to impose sanctions on Russia. NATO leaders will increase deterrence. Increase eastern troops. Strengthen submarines and air forces. The warships will be permanent. These details will be decided at the summit in Madrid in June.

Provides anti-tank missile and drone assistance to Ukraine. More humanitarian and financial assistance will be provided. In this regard, we have agreed to support countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina in the face of Russia’s threats and pressures.

“Chinese influence should be used for a peaceful process”

He also called on Beijing not to support Russia. We have proposed that China use its influence for a peaceful solution to Russia.

We also blamed Belarus for Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

As a result, NATO has agreed to increase investment in defense. Europe and North America will continue to cooperate.

Prior to the meeting, the leaders took pictures of their families and the progress after Russia’s attack on Ukraine was on the agenda.

Of course, I can only say this today. I got a reliable credit report. The use of military force against civilians is a source of our concern.

Of course, NATO’s allies are also cooperating with energy. We will continue to work together to ensure supply security and reduce energy purchases from Russia. The message to China is very important here. They should not give Russia financial and military support.

The power of peace is not sent to Ukraine

We talked about various topics. Peacekeepers will not be dispatched to Ukraine. This conflict should not cross the Ukrainian border into a war between NATO and Russia. That would mean going to a full-scale war with Russia.

Of course I am worried. Because I’m listening to rhetoric here. We have received news that Russia is preparing to carry out biological and chemical attacks in Ukraine. The use of such weapons will have serious consequences. This not only affects the people of Ukraine, but also threatens the NATO countries in the region.

In the past, we know that Russia has helped the Assad regime in Syria use chemical weapons. We help Ukraine with this. “”

The summit message of the world leaders is as follows:

British Prime Minister Johnson: The more severe sanctions, the more Putin avoids

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the leaders had met to discuss what they could do for the Ukrainian people, saying:

“I think it’s very important that we work together to get this done as soon as possible. The more severe the sanctions, the greater the economic pressure on the Putin administration and what we can do to help the Ukrainians faster. Will be more. End. “

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: We are with Ukraine

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also emphasized the message that partners around the world have united to support Ukraine, blame Russia and oppose it.

NATO has more than 10,000 soldiers around Ukraine.
NATO has more than 10,000 soldiers around Ukraine.

Estonian Prime Minister Crow: We Must Make Delivery Decisions

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas emphasized that the Baltic states cannot defend alone and said deterrence and defense programs are needed as part of the NATO alliance.

They said they were very concerned about Russia’s war against Ukraine, saying that this process prevented them from further helping Ukraine and taking additional steps.

Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez: China must play a constructive role
Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez also said he would discuss what role China would play. “As a Spanish nation, we always advocate for China to play a constructive role in this war, which no one but Vladimir Putin wants,” Sanchez said.

Prime Minister Slovenia: I don’t think Russia will use chemical weapons

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša said, “I’m worried about Russia’s use of biological and chemical weapons, but I don’t think Russian troops will use such weapons.”

President Slovakia: Ukraine should respect borders

Slovak President Zuzana Chaptova said Russia must not forget that its borders are determined by international law.

President of Lithuania: No one thinks it’s safe
Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda said Russia’s war with Ukraine no longer makes anyone feel safe in the region.

Mr Nauseda said he was talking about the fifth and sixth packages of sanctions against Russia, saying that sanctions would take time to come to fruition and should be decided as much as possible. ..

LAVROV: There is no direct conflict between Russia and NATO

Meanwhile, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov said in a statement that NATO’s assistance to Ukraine would be the result. “Negotiations with Ukraine are difficult, but Kyiv is constantly changing its position,” Viklov said. “Sending peacekeepers to Ukraine could lead to a direct conflict between Russia and NATO.” There is. “

Zelensky’s request from NATO

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky made an important statement yesterday before today’s summit on Russia’s NATO member states, one of the conditions for a ceasefire. Zelensky said his country was ready to abandon NATO once the Russian troops withdrew, a ceasefire was achieved and Ukraine’s security was guaranteed.

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