Victor Nelson is ambitious – TRT Spor


The 23-year-old defender, who joined Galatasaray from the Danish Copenhagen team at the start of last season, has a name that has been favored and endorsed by the yellow-red fans despite failing to have a good season in the Super League. was one.

Nelson is entering the new season positively, especially after his success in the UEFA Europa League against Marcao, who moved to Sevilla.

The young footballer made a statement to AA correspondents during the second phase of the overseas camp held in the town of Stan in Innsbruck, Austria.

Nelson also aspired to the ‘King of the North’ nickname that Trabzonspor fans used for former striker Norwegian Alexander Solroth and current striker Danish Andreas Cornelius. was..

Regarding the nickname “King of the North” popular in the American TV series, “Who do you think is the ‘King of the North’ in the world and in Turkey?” “I don’t know about the world in general, but I am Turkey’s ‘King of the North’.” I gave an answer.


Victor Nelson, “Is this a claim of Viking blood?” “Yes. I run into that joke a lot. It’s what we might call it. I think it’s a fun way to say it.” used a phrase.

Seville allegations

The yellow-red footballer did not comment on the news that Spanish club Sevilla was one of his destinations.

When asked if he received an offer from Sevilla, who sent Marcao, whom he played with at Galatasaray last season, Nelson said: “It’s a tough question. I have to give a silly answer. I don’t have a chance to comment on it or say anything else. I’m not going to comment.” He said.

Nelson said he doesn’t dream of a league or club related to his career goals, “I love playing for Galatasaray and I enjoy being here.” Said.

‘We didn’t achieve what we wanted in the league’

Victor Nelson says last season’s 13th-place finish in the Super League didn’t go his way.

Explaining that Galatasaray are a great club and team, Nelson said: “When I heard the name of Galatasaray, I immediately said I wanted to go.It is an incredibly big club, a team known and recognized all over the world. I wanted to fight for the league, but I couldn’t achieve what I wanted in the league. Galatasaray is a very big team for me. gave an opinion.

Stating that he has always put his best foot forward for his team’s success, the Danish defender said: “I’m a player who always gives 100 percent. I get paid for that. I’m a Galatasaray employee. I always have to give 100 percent. Last season was terrible, so people’s faces fell, but I always gave my best: “It was the team performance that mattered. We don’t play individual sports.” I made that assessment.

“Abdul Kerim and I need to get used to each other.”

The Yellow-Red footballer said he should get used to one another with one of his new transfers, Abdul-Kelim Vardakchi.

Explaining that there was a process similar to Marcao’s to get used to, Nelson said: “Apo and I have to get used to each other. There are things we can learn from each other. Something similar happened when I started playing with Marcao. It took time to get used to. We will get used to each other. “Apo” He said.

Manager Nelson explained that the tactics of manager Okan Buruk will create a defensive order, “We will continue to do what the coach wants. We will always give 100 percent. I will always be the leader defensively. used a phrase.

The 23-year-old defender recalled that he will miss the European Cup this season. “But if you need to get something positive out of this situation, you have the chance to practice more. Work tactically, improve your physicality, stay together as a team. You can use this time in this way. ” He said.

‘Galatasaray fans are used to seeing a winning team’

Victor Nelson said the yellow-red fans made him feel better.

“The Galatasaray fans are incredible. They are also a bit demanding because they are used to seeing a winning team. I’m so happy people support us. The Galatasaray fans make me feel great. The way I or they support our team is incredible.

Nelson said he lives a quiet life in Istanbul outside of training and matches. “It may sound boring to some, but I usually like to stay at home. I don’t like to go out much. I don’t like bragging, I prefer a quiet life.” He finished his speech.