Veliefendi Race Course was excited about the Gaji race-TRTSpor

Starting with the first Gaji race in 1927, Ali Muhyiddin Hachibekir’s mare “Neriman” won the race and continued uninterruptedly, described as “Turkish Horse Racing Derby”.

On Sunday, June 26th, a 3-year-old Thoroughbred English Colt will run a grass track at a distance of 2,400 meters, which can only be run once in a race. The excitement of the equestrian community is growing day by day before the big races.

Grooms, trainers and jockeys work enthusiastically at the Veliefendi Race Course, where the day begins at 04:00. Horses training on walking or running take a break after cleaning and caring for them.

Thoroughbred racehorses are carefully bred 24 hours a day in comfortable stables, given special feed within the framework of the wide range of opportunities offered by the Jockey Club of Turkey (TJK), and waiting for time to go out. A track to make owners and race enthusiasts smile.

Twenty-two purebreds were enrolled in the 96th Gajirace, of which 19 were male and 3 were female foals. The names of the horses participating in the race are as follows.

“Age of Fire, Anadolu Gurur, BabaŞahin, Bold Sea Rover, Bright Hope, Cafer Bey, Captain Fantastic, Cheeky Son, Çaklar, Dollar Man, Final Dance, Hardmet, Maximus Boy, Mystic Power, Rage of the Wind, Royal Baby, Sigosh, Zara Bay, Zoro, Black Queen, Miracle Girl, Secret Power “

The riding community was excited

At the racetrack, where the excitement of the 96th Gaji Race began, one of the unforgettable jockeys, Süleyman Akdı, TJK Audit & Supervisory Board Chairman, horse owner and breeder Armağan Turhan, and former jockey Gökhan Gül made a statement to AA correspondents about Derby. I put it out.

Suleiman the Magnificent, who won many important races in Turkey, including the Gazi Race and the presidential election, said Derby would be a big battleground. A similar horse. 6-7 are very close. There is a horse nearby. It will be a tough race. I have a favorite, but it’s likely to be a surprise. I think it will be a good race. There is an interesting horse. As for my favorite horse, another horse may come first. There were many surprises in the previous Gaji race. It may be next year. May all horses have their feet flat and have a safe race. Good luck to everyone. ” He said.

“This year will be an extraordinary crowd,” Akdi said, saying that the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) over the past two years has put public interest in races held without spectators. Wow. Over the past few weeks, the stands and picnic area have been filled with families. I’m very interested in Gajiran. I think so. “I used the phrase.

Frankie Dettori of Italy, one of the top jockeys in the world of horse racing, will also be competing in the Gaji race, Akdi said, “Frankie Dettori is one of the best jockeys in the world. This is the first time he has come. Not. He has participated in Dettori three or four times before. “He rode a derby at the age of 19 before entering his career. He also loves Turks. His great jockey. Apart from that, he also has a sympathetic personality. He loves it too. He will add color to the race. “

Süleyman Akdı describes the success of jockey Ahmet Çelik, who has won the last seven Gaji races: It’s incredible. The horse he rides this year. He is also one of my favorites, and I can do 8 out of 8 people. I don’t think this kind of success will ever be achieved again. I think it’s impossible. He concludes.

Tahan: “Everyone is surrounded by excitement”

Arma Gantahan, TJK’s Chairman of the Supervisory Board, horse owner and breeder, emphasized that he was longing for the race, saying, “The remaining time in the Gaji race is very short, but the excitement of this race is Experienced from the beginning. The day the foal is born. Everyone has the heart to run this race. Not everyone is destined. Every year. As the Gaji race approaches, the horse’s Owners, horsemen, grooms, trainers, and horses are full of excitement. “

In appreciation of this year’s race, Tahan said, “I think there are some more distinctive horses in this year’s Gaji race. We have a good race in our hearts. There are events we couldn’t do because of the trend. This year we recorded a record number of spectators. We want the spectators to experience this joy even after the epidemic. According to the weather reports, the weather will be fine. Race to the 96th Gaji Race. We look forward to enthusiasts. “

Armagan Tahan emphasized that even participating in the Gaji Race was a huge success, “The owners of the horses in the Gaji Race are very excited. I’ve been in the field for the last few years and I’ve done it. I will participate in the Gaji race twice. It is an honor to run as well as win. I hope all horses have straight legs. May the horses that deserve to win win. ” I made an evaluation.

Gull: “Gazi Race, Turkey’s Best Equestrian”

Gyokhangul, one of the former jockeys, horse owner and commentator, said that the biggest event in Turkish equestrian is the Gaji Race.

Explaining that colorful events will be held at the Veliefendi Race Course, “Turkey’s largest equestrian race is the Gaji race. This is a race held in the name of the great leader of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, especially those involved in horses. Is very excited. There is almost no time left, “he said.

Recalling that he rode a Gaji race, Gul continued his words:

“Gazi Race is generally an organization of 22 horses, which brings together the best performing horses of the year and the jockeys who made their best debut in recent years. This race is different from other races. Excitement is honored to participate in this race. It is honored to ride two horses. The only sport the creatures do is horse racing. From the birth of the horse to the preparation to the field and the preparation run is complete. But the horses and jockeys are left alone. The preparation stage for the run is different. There is excitement, but the concentration should be very high. Be calm and professional. “

Gyokhan Gul said the record-breaking jockey Ahmet Zeki Rik had a significant success in the last seven races. “It’s a dream for Ahmet Zeki Rik to win the last seven veteran runs. Has achieved the impossible. I don’t know if such a thing will happen again. After such a success, one of the best 3-4 horses in the Gaji race will come to Ahmet Cherik. Probably because one of the two important horses came to Ahmet. In the last important race, he has a 50% chance on paper. They are their opponents, but they are ahead of the hoops. I will do my best to do my best. ”I used the phrase.

Gyokhan Gul explained that the hippodrome is a great deal of effort, “a process that begins on the farm in the name of breeding. In the stables here, work begins at 4 am. We A serious team with grooms, reserves, apprentices, trainers, horse owners, merchants to meet the needs of horses. Great effort is spent on work, breaks, cleaning, maintenance and other imperfections. Stable area It’s a horse kitchen. We take care of horses like a two year old child. It’s always in our hands. “He concludes.