Valerian Ismael dominates in Besiktas!Here are the changes it made

Besiktas Director Valerian Ismael gave a brief introduction. The French coach has made it clear that he will not give up on the 3-4-3 system at the signing ceremony attended by President Chebi and is working hard to get the players accustomed to it. From the first day he was in charge of the team, Ismael explained that the new game system for black and white players would be 3-4-3, explaining these works not only in practice but also theoretically.

The black-and-white coach started explaining the new system to apply to the team on the board he brought in the middle of the field during training yesterday morning. The French coach picked up the pen while the team was in good shape and began writing how to play 3-4-3. Ismael explained what each player should do on the board and let the players explain how the system would be implemented through a translator before moving on to tactical work.

No more time
Will be changed A French coach who wanted the game system to be understood not only in practice but also theoretically, “It’s not easy to switch to a new system, but there is no time. All professional players and you are on the field. I know what to do. I have clearly written what I need to do here. You can learn about this system or break up with your failed friends. “

Special interest in wings
Besiktas His new coach Ismael has begun negotiations with potential players who can play left and right, which is the most important position for manipulating 3-4-3, which he calls “my system”. .. Rıdvan spoke with Umut, Rosier, Kerem, Larin, N’Koudou, Ghezzal and Töre. For the time being, Rosier and Rıdvan have come to the fore as players who can play in both wings of the 4-way midfield. While dealing with Ishmael; Rosier and Rıdvan, he details what the 3-4-3 wing should do and how they should do it. He works on passes, support, cross runs, width, maneuverability, and calmness.

Ismael’s Take office Oghuz Turks To Gekan Want It happened. 2 players French technique Personally with a man I told you. 3-4-3 ball You can also Tough midfielder Know the needs of the player Oğuzhan, he played on this system, Even in the Netherlands U-21 Many times in the national team He said he used this system. Töre is more upright, collect Descend to zero or penalty area With player needs Thanks to these features, Premier He said he was promoted to the league.

The movement is open to fans
Before the Trabzonspor match, there was a hot development in Besiktas. On Friday before the Trabzonspor match, Black and White will practice open to fans at Vodafone Park. Fans are expected to show great interest in training.

With the new system, Joseph has come to the fore as a playmaker. He takes the ball from the defender and sets up the game. When he returns the pass, he runs Rıdvan forward. Lidovan, who came out earlier to support the attack, keeps Joseph in the attack with a pass.

Make the field exactly 70 meters
Ismael, who made the ambitious entrance, immediately made the entrance. First, he narrowed the field to 70 meters and formed a team in a 3-4-3 formation. He placed four dummies in the penalty area to simulate the defense of the enemy. As a central defender, he started Nesip, Bida, Montero and Selder with the ball.

Most successful name NECIP
Necip was the most successful player of the period. Nesip, who takes the first pass from the goalkeeper, checks the back and then throws the ball at Lidovan. Lidovan’s diagonal run supports the right side, and Kang opens inward and attacks by moving forward each time.

Crowd attack
Ghezzal runs diagonally and pulls the ball into the empty space while Kang passes with the famous Ludvan Yırmaz. Forward players will immediately move to the front or back post. Ghezzal, Kang, and Joseph also support the attack by taking positions within the opponent’s penalty area before the winger crosses.