Uzbek: Go to Victory Day-TRT Spor

Dursun Özbek, who competes with former council chairman Eşref Hamamcıoğlu at the club’s extraordinary general meeting on June 11, answered the question of AA correspondent.

Osbeck said the new type of coronavirus epidemic has created significant global economic problems in the last two years, significantly impacting the sports sector and putting the club in a major financial bottleneck. ..

The Galatasaray Club has stated that it has an important sporting mission, and Ozbek has stated that despite all the difficulties of the past, the club has kept up with its activities.

Despite all, they will do their best to become the most successful club, Ozbek said. “We will continue to strive to add new things to the outcome of the sport. We have projects and research to get out of these situations. We are well prepared. We are Galatasaray. I’m sure I’ll go on the day of victory. “ He said.

Dursun Özbek has stated that he owes much to Galatasaray, “I entered Galatasaray High School at the age of 12 and attended a boarding school. After graduating from high school and college, I started my business life. Studying at Galatasaray High School is about my business life and success. It’s a very important factor in concentration. Thanks to Galatasaray. Most of my motives are from here. “It’s my duty to serve the club. Now it’s time to repay the debt. . ” I used the phrase.

“The Riva project is approaching $ 300 million.”

Dulsun Ozbek said there were some misunderstandings about the Riva and Floria projects that began during his presidency.

Galatasaray Club points out that it cannot achieve sustainable success without gaining financial independence, Ozbek said, “I have no intention of selling real estate. If I sell everything anyway, Galatasaray will not be able to meet the bank’s debt. These real estates we have inherited can be transferred to Galatasaray if we have the opportunity to upgrade from the current situation three to four times. This is a great advantage. “

Ozbek said, reminding them that they started the Riva project during their presidency and then the Floria project was added to it. “As of that day, there were forecasts of 1.5 billion lira for these two projects. The dollar was 3 lira at the time, so I explained to the General Assembly that it would total $ 500 million. $ 200 million from Riva and Floria. He almost unanimously approved us. Riva is still going on, while Floria took another form during the reign of the late President Mustafa Chengis. ” I made that evaluation.

Recalling that they expect a profit of about $ 300 million from the Riva project, Özbek said:

“Today we are approaching that. In the first period, we got $ 94 million in cash inflows within the framework of the agreement with Emlak Konut. We did not touch any of them. After closing the foreign currency loan, we sent $ 94 million to Sportif AŞ’s account as a prepayment for the capital increase. This amount went into the club’s vault for $ 41 million, and due to the closure of the foreign currency account. , Get rid of $ 30 million in interest. Add them up to $ 165 million. Currently, Riva has 750 villas. There are also commercial areas, school districts and woodlands. To explain, “You need to notify people. Of these 750, 150 villas belong to Galata Sarai. Roughly calculated, the value of these 150 villas is 20.1 billion lira today. Exchange rate Is constantly rising, but this is at the level of $ 125 million at today’s exchange rates. Collect them all, Galatasaray is this. ”Projects Benefit from the Riva project of $ 290 million. Received $ 300 million approaching. I hope this will pass in time. “

The Uzbeks say they want to get the most out of the forest area with a Riva project with a 6% zoning permit, without logging a single tree and harming nature, and if this happens, they will earn income. There will be more to be done.

“Worth of about 8 billion TL (in Floria)”

Dursun Özbek emphasized that the Galatasaray Club has 20 acres in the area where the Florya Metin Oktay facility is located, and continued his words:

“The other sections belong to the Directorate General of Housing and Sports. You can’t do anything with 20 acres borrowed from the Directorate General of Sports. 40 acres is a certificate of ownership of Emrack Coconut. We have developed real real estate. Within the framework of cooperation with Emlak Konut, there is a zoning permit here and the value of this place has doubled. We have taken action again to develop Floria’s land within the framework of construction. We are aiming to take advantage of the 20 acres and Emlak Konut’s share already here to expand the area suitable for construction here to 60 acres, which is close to 100,000 square meters. It will be possible to build a sellable area. This is real estate development. Suddenly it will be worth about 8 billion TL. We are working to achieve this. “

Osbeck also noted that he was involved in the hotel building of Messidiekoy, the facilities of Kemerburgaz, the gym and the historic buildings of Beyoglu, and is also involved in important projects such as digitization, infrastructure reforms and Columbus. Said. Uzbek, “The cash flow from the completion of these projects is about 9.5 billion lira. After paying the club’s financial debt, there is still a fund of 6 billion lira. This fund will serve Galatasaray for the next 25-30 years. increase.” Said.

The Galatasaray Club said it worked with Neff on basketball to make the season a success, and Ozbek said, “I’ve shown an example of how to manage amateur sports. I think other branches should continue to apply. I’m going. Problem. “He said.

“We are aiming for a successful season with the enhancements we make in football.”

Dulsun Ozbek said he would provide the team with the necessary reinforcements to make the season a success in football.

They expressed their great importance to the 2022-2023 season, and the Uzbeks continued:

“The next season will end in 2023. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Republic given by the great leader Ataturk. Therefore, this is a very important season. Our sporting mission is always successful. That being said, it’s been 100 years. We have a duty to take this success to a higher level. “Soccer is one of our key divisions. Our technical team works in football. And the efforts to eliminate the team’s flaws are ongoing. We don’t want to turn these studies into election material. Fans and the community need to know that we are working on this. There are important football players on the current team. They have no plans to sell any of them. On the contrary, we aim to make the season a success with enhanced enhancements. 2023 is good for Garata Sarai I think it will be a year. I think it will be a good season. “

Recalling that he set up a strong staff at the beginning of the 2017-2018 season when he was chairing the president, Ozbek said: “We made a total of 10 transfers. One was the goalkeeper, he was behind Muslera, while the other nine were the first 11 people. We formed a very good team. We have shown that we can do it with my team. Please try again. See how important the experience is. Galatasaray, the team that won the most trophies in the Republic 100 years. must be.” I used the phrase.

“Galatasaray does not allow attempts to design a federation.”

Dursun Özbek said he is closely following the process of the Turkish Football Federation’s extraordinary general meeting on June 16. “Since Galatasaray is during the election, we strive to design the federation’s board and the federation’s president in a unique way. In this way, they are trying to establish a psychological advantage. We. Is watching this. The General Assembly empowers me and my friends, Galatasaray does not allow attempts to design a federation. “He does not confuse anyone. We closely track the process. increase.” I made that evaluation.

Uzbeks said Galatasaray is a global brand and has about 30 million fans. “Our members are actually representatives of these 30 million fans. They are also responsible. Everyone should be in this important election and get record turnout. My desire is for everyone to encourage each other. Everyone has to be there and make a choice. Great for Galatasaray. “ He concluded by saying.