US Secretary of State Blinken shot Putin in his private life!He raised his brother who was killed in World War II

RussiaOn the 13th day of Ukraine’s invasion of Ukraine, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the war. This time, Blinken raised the private life of a Russian leader.

Blinken recalled Putin’s one-year-old brother’s death in World War II and called for “stop the war.”

Much has been written and portrayed about Putin’s personal life, but he prefers to keep his personal life private. Putin, who constantly hides his family and relationships from the camera, also declined to comment on his previous claims. But when the statement was issued by Blinken, it was on the agenda of the whole world. Blinken writes that Putin’s one-year-old brother, Victor, died in Leningrad’s 900 days.

Following rising news that attacks on Russian cities are causing an increase in humanitarian disasters, Blinken used his private life to speak directly to Putin. “All Russians know that during World War II the people of Leningrad were systematically hungry and persecuted,” Brinken said during his visit to Riga, the capital of Latvia. “This siege has affected millions of Russian families, including President Putin, whose one-year-old brother died,” the Foreign Minister said.

Putin is 8 years old in Leningrad.

In his speech, Blinken described Putin’s life as “Russia is now starving a city like Mariupol. This is shameful. The southern port city of Mariupol, where Russian troops are constantly attacking. So, hundreds of thousands of people remain hungry and thirsty .. UN, a safe passage for families. But the previous two efforts to achieve the outage have failed and Russia The military prevented people from leaving the country. “

Nazi troops besieged Leningrad in September 1941 with the help of northern Finnish troops. The occupation lasted 872 days. Born 10 years later in 1952, Putin said his mother was on the verge of starvation during the Siege of Leningrad, lost consciousness and was saved with the help of those around him. And in 2012, during a ceremony to offer a wreath in a city called St. Petersburg, he first mentioned his brother Victor. Putin is known to have been born in Leningrad. Vladimir Putinovich Putin was the youngest and third son of his parents’ three children, but both of his brothers died before they were born. His family was quite poor and he grew up in difficult situations.

Blinken says Putin is tightening crackdowns on civilians news And it came after the image appeared. White House officials say they are collecting information that can provide evidence that the United States has intentionally targeted civilians, and defense officials said Putin had nearly 100% of his occupying forces. He said he sent it to Ukraine. He said Russia did not take any further steps to send a new battalion, but instead confirmed that Moscow was seeking foreign fighters. “I think Putin sent almost 100 percent of his fighting power to Ukraine,” officials told reporters on condition of anonymity.

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