US President Joe Biden’s Chemical Weapons Warn Putin

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US President Joe Biden held a press conference after NATO’s extraordinary head of state summit in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, and the G7 summit with the leaders. Biden emphasized that the United States and its allies will continue to provide Ukraine with military, economic and humanitarian assistance, exacerbating sanctions on Russia. “Today, since Russia launched a brutal invasion of Ukraine, we have shown absolute consensus between NATO and its European allies on three important issues. All three Achieved. Today, we are determined to continue and strengthen these efforts. “

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“We provide Ukraine with over $ 1 billion in humanitarian aid.”

“Since I took office, the United States has promised to provide Ukraine with more than $ 2 billion in military equipment. Today, the United States supports millions of Ukrainians affected by the war. We announce that we are ready to provide more than $ 1 billion in humanitarian assistance to the United States. “

“Many Ukrainian refugees will want to stay in Europe near their homes, but in the United States we welcome 100,000 Ukrainians. We have invested $ 320 million in Ukraine and neighboring countries. We support democratic resilience and protect human rights, “said Biden.

“NATO has never been united in this way”

Biden, who said the United States is coordinating with the G7 and the European Union on food and energy security, also said new sanctions have been imposed on more than 400 individuals and organizations. “In addition to the 100,000 US troops currently deployed in Europe to protect NATO’s territory, we have made new deployments in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia to strengthen the eastern side of NATO. NATO has never been more united than it is today, “Biden said. .. ..

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“If Putin used chemical weapons, we would have answered.”

Biden said that if Russian President Vladimir Putin uses chemical weapons in Ukraine, the United States will respond, but the response depends on the situation. “If he uses chemical weapons, we will respond. The nature of the intervention will depend on the nature of the use,” Biden said he was unable to provide information on intelligence.

“Putin Achieves Accurate Investigation”

Mr Putin said President Putin told himself that he believed that the NATO alliance would not stay together at the first meeting.

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Warning about sanctions China

Biden said that if China assisted Russia in the war in Ukraine, it would have potential economic implications. “Last week, we had a very brief conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping.” Xi assists Russia. I hope to understand the consequences of that, “he said.

“We are working on food tulle”

Biden said Western leaders were discussing food shortages and that wheat supplies from Ukraine and Russia accounted for about 30 percent of the world’s wheat trade. “At the G7, we discussed how both the United States, the world’s third-largest wheat producer, and Canada, the major producer, can grow and expand food faster. In addition, all European countries and We asked other countries to lift trade restrictions. “We are working with our European friends on what we need to do to alleviate food shortage concerns.” He said.