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U.S. does not support Poland’s offer

Poland’s view of sending MiG-29 aircraft to Ukraine continues to be one of the main topics on the Washington agenda.

After Poland announced yesterday that these planes were ready to be handed over to the United States and sent to Ukraine, the U.S. government had to emphasize many statements that it “had a green light” on this issue. ..

Defense Minister Lloyd Austin also met with Polish Defense Minister Marius Brassack after the US Department of Defense (Department of Defense) announced in writing that the delivery of these planes to the United States was unreasonable and very worrisome.

Kirby explains why “opinions matter”

According to AA news; Pentagon spokesman John Kirby issued a statement on the conference, saying, “The Minister has proposed that the Polish Minister Braszak send a MiG-29 fighter to Ukraine, especially the United States. However, he does not currently support the transfer of additional fighters to the Ukrainian Air Force and therefore sees them under surveillance. I emphasized that I didn’t want it. “I used the phrase.

Kirby has also long considered why this idea is a problem. He said they believe that the best way to assist Ukraine in the war is to provide weapons and systems that defeat Russian armor and aircraft in particular, Kirby said. These weapons that slow Russia’s advance in the north have great effects. We know they are used. Evidence of this is that Ukrainian airspace is still in dispute. ” Said. Kirby argued that the effectiveness of Russia’s aerial elements in the war was limited to US-supplied Stinger missiles.

A spokeswoman also used the following statement in his statement: “The Ukrainian Air Force currently has several squadrons of fully combatable aircraft. Adding aircraft to the Ukrainian inventory will significantly change the effectiveness of the Ukrainian Air Force compared to Russia’s capabilities. The benefits of the transfer of these MiG-29s are considered low, as it is unlikely. And finally, intelligence agencies perceive the transfer of MiG 29s to Ukraine as heightened tensions. , Evaluates that it could trigger a Russian response that would increase military tensions between Russia and NATO. Therefore, the transfer of MiG29 to Ukraine is considered risky. “

Kirby argued that instead of these planes, there was a much more viable alternative option to assist the Ukrainian army in the fight against Russia.

Blinken’s expression

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a television show he attended over the weekend that the United States gave it a “green light.”

Blinken also claimed that the United States had worked closely with the Polish government on this issue. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has announced that it is working to close the fighter gap that would arise if Poland took such steps.

It is not overlooked that the reaction in Washington suddenly reversed when Poland offered to hand over the fighter to the United States.