Unfortunately, Ismael’s line resembles Pereira

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1-Derby had no winner. Both Fenerbahce and Besiktas gladly left the field. Watching the chaotic derby battle at Vodafone Park, a total of 16 shots were fired and 35 fouls were recorded. How did you find the overall quality of football?

UĞURMELEKE: This money is very useful for this football

In games totaling more than 100 minutes, the ball continued to play at 41:15. In other words, we watched only 40% of the two hours we spent in front of the TV on Sunday night. 60% of our time was stolen from us. Fans who go to the stadium pay a lot of money for tickets. Sports fans watching at home pay Digiturk a fair amount. We are calling on clubs and soccer players in Besiktas and Fenerbahce. If you play soccer or don’t play soccer for 60% of the time, please return 60% of people’s money. This soccer has too much money.

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It was an exciting and fun derby, not a high quality derby. To be honest, that was exactly what I expected. However, I thought the match would be dominated by Fenerbahce, but I faced the opposite situation. I think Besiktas plays football, which strengthens his trust in Ismael. Fenerbahce, on the other hand, showed more fateful football, unlike the previous week. Looking at this derby, I think we should be ready for a more exciting league next season.

GÜNTEKIN Approval: Quality Doesn’t Fight

In the derby, the fierceness of the fight has come to the fore rather than the quality of football in general. Aggressive play in Besiktas’ double struggle defeated Fenerbahce. Besiktas was the one who wanted more and was closer to victory. However, the two teams with too many simple turnovers have degraded the quality of the game. The ball stays in play for only 41 minutes and the situation summarizes everything about the game.

2-How true is G. Sarai’s match against Basakshehir against Trent, who is called “submission is certain”? Başakşehir technical manager Erdinç Sözer said Muslera’s performance was so good that he couldn’t win a match that he could have won 4-0. Is Sozer correct?

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It really hurts to say these things about Galatasaray. But unfortunately I have to say. There are no teams, coaches or managers in the middle. What are we going to criticize for this team for God? What if Başakşehir played with torrents, what if he didn’t, what if he won, what if he didn’t? I don’t know what will happen next season. Who will be the president, who will be the coach, and how will the team be formed? I do not know. That is the real problem. Basaksehir match details.

GÜNTEKIN Approval: 3 Players Good

It’s normal for Trent to be in charge of the team in the remaining three games. There are no complaints or targets. Galatasaray; Muslera scored one point with good play by Nelson and Arslan. Basakshehir put good pressure, especially in the second half, but Grubransen wasn’t a full striker and couldn’t turn an effective play into a result. The aggressive performance of yellow-red was disappointing again.

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UĞURMELEKE: Field energy is not good

The field energy of Galatasaray is not good. Looking at Domènec Torrent’s physiognomy, I don’t feel like staying in Istanbul next season. He is worried about sending a message at every match. Looking inside the field, there is no light that Galatasaray players have improved. There are no signs that Galatasaray is improving in any department on the ground. Galatasaray needs to get out of this chaotic environment and take sound steps for the next season.

3-Ismael gave defender Umt and derby wingback Kenan a chance. Then he turned to Necip-Josef. In the advanced trio, Ghezzal-Larin-Batshuay began and Can-trust-N’Koudou ended. Isn’t that a big change?

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UĞURMELEKE: Not all attacks can be sped up

The situation seems to be going well, but I would like to warn Besiktasfan. Ismael’s line unfortunately resembles Vítor Pereira. After defeating Altay in the third week, I said Pereira couldn’t succeed in Fenerbahce. They were undefeated at the time, they didn’t even admit the goal. I said they couldn’t finish the season with this football. Ismael’s continuous long ball, hectic soccer and chaos strategies seem to work well in big games, but he can’t solve 12-13 out of 20 teams in the league. Large teams need to play patiently, have the ball and sometimes dominate the game. Not all attacks can be sped up. You can’t always play fast. You need to know how to score a goal in a set attack against an Anatolian team that is closed in blocks. Ismael’s games have so far been about long balls, agility, and chaos. It can be difficult if he doesn’t improve the game’s repertoire.

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Unfortunately, Ismael's line resembles Pereira

GÜNTEKINONAY: BATSHUAYI is not suitable for this game

Besiktas games require a lot of effort. Ismael made changes in the last episode to keep the team alive, but he didn’t get what he wanted. Anyway, Ghezzal should have stayed in the field. Besiktas’ long ball and direct play approach had too many turnovers and the black and white teams spent a lot of energy trying to get the lost ball back. Is this a great team game? It will be discussed. Black and white players need to reflect the pass game on the field as needed. Batshuay is not the striker of this game. He can’t take the highball and he can’t control his opponent’s defender with his power.

MEHMET ARSLAN: Brave technical man, ISMAEL

Really, even perfect. Coaching isn’t just about changing players. The ability to interpret and reconstruct the player’s position and play in-game according to the team’s abilities. From this point of view, it is clear that Besiktas has a brave teacher who is not afraid to take risks, reads games and even challenges the stereotypes we are accustomed to.

4-Trabzon lost two points in Hatay and scored a goal in the last few minutes. What is their chance for Kayseri in the light of Burgundy Blue football over the past few weeks?

UĞURMELEKE: He wanted it seriously

Trabzonspor won, but the seriousness of Hatayspor’s game is commendable. They played 56% of the ball and were 15-10 on the ball. They missed the victory in overtime. Murat CemAkpınar, Ahmetcan Kaplan and Serkan Asan start at 11. Taha Altıkardeş, Emrehan Gedikli has finally arrived in the cabin. The Hatayspor match also included a minor signal for next year’s team. The tone of the first cup match with Trabzonspor’s Kayserispor was different. They were serious, enthusiastic and greedy. I think they will maintain that appetite.

GÜNTEKIN Approval: High Final Chance

It is normal for them to experience complacency after winning a championship. In addition, there will be a Turkish Cup semi-final that week. Trabzonspor goes to Kayseri with a 1-0 advantage and the final chance is quite high.

MEHMET ARSLAN: Affected stress

Trabzonspor has accepted the deserved championship this season. For the past 5-6 weeks, it has been by far the best soccer team in the Super League. Championship stress had a negative impact on his game. This is the real thing. Now they have a second chance. End the season with a double trophy. They have both these abilities and strengths. I think Trabzonspor is my favorite in today’s Kayserispor game. They believe they will win a historic achievement and record-breaking crown with two trophies this season.

Hamit Altıntop, 5-TFF Manager, said: “We have that talent and passion,” he said. Is it possible and necessary to develop a Turkish school with football?

MEHMET ARSLAN: You need to create a confident environment

When I read the interview “Turkish School of Soccer …”, I fell in love with Hamit Altıntop’s remarks. It is possible to develop a school. But to do that, we need to completely remove the chaotic structure of Turkish football and create a trustworthy and calm atmosphere. This is our basic need. Of course, athletic success and championships are important, but our clubs need to prioritize a balanced budget, even if it’s a profitable budget. I can’t advance the understanding that the club will collapse, but I’m still a champion.

GÜNTEKIN Approval: The correct name for HAMITALTIN ​​TOP

My late father Gündüz Tekin Onay came up with the idea of ​​Hamit Altıntop’s Turkish language school when he was at TFF 17-18 years ago and became a player on all coaches and national teams at the time to build this school. I submitted the form. This is not a new project. But I support this idea and I think Hamit Altıntop is the right name for this business.

UĞURMELEKE: Stereotype 1,000 years ago

Hamit Altıntop interviewed all pages. What he said is to build a Turkish school. Millennial clichés like “give young coaches a chance” in the Super League! Altıntop argued that young coaches were not given a chance in the Super League and welcomed a 60-year-old German to the top of the national team. Moreover, the German does not have an equivalent in his league. Also, the average age of coaches in the current Super League is 47 years old. We are younger than all five big leagues in Europe in that category! To be honest, I was hoping for a more specific and full-fledged proposal from Altıntop. For example, how do you increase the amount of time the ball continues to play in the Super League? How will you rise from 20th place in the rankings of European countries? Where do they want to go by limiting foreigners? How would a local who couldn’t compete with a foreigner in this league and beat him beat the same foreigner in an international match?

6-Arikochu’s remarks to Trabzonspor Club and Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Imamoul made a wonderful impression. How would you rate those words?

MEHMET ARSLAN: You will be right

Sum the championships of the teams that have become champions in Turkey and calculate the age of the Super League. The numbers don’t hold up, right? Two more championships. Besiktas won two halal championships like his mother’s white milk. So why not Fenerbahce? Is that so, Ali Kochu? He made many mistakes during his time as President Fenerbahce. And first, I expressed them very clearly. But Caesar’s rights are Caesar’s rights. The names and clubs, as well as the words he said to the Turkish Football Federation’s institutions, are commendable. I sign the latest statement by President Ali Kochu.


Mr. Kochi’s remarks are very harsh. The tension between Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor will never end and will continue. Unfortunately, these statements at the presidential level are reflected in society as hatred and anger.

UĞURMELEKE: They need to make a difference

I didn’t like urban nationalism, and I expressed this on every occasion throughout my life. The fact that you were born in a different geography than someone who does the same job and has the same success on the sofa next door should not give you a special advantage in life. My motto is pay for performance. All seats should be brought with merit, and those who make a difference in their intellect, knowledge, and work should be in the right place.