Umraniye’s Super League Dream Comes True-TRTSpor

From the mayor and club president to the technical committee, from shopkeepers to fans, everyone talked to AA correspondents about their happiness.

Umraniye Mayor Ismet Jurdurum said that with the support of Umraniye, a very beautiful spirit was born. “As a person born in Umraniye in the 1960s, you can also make a film with this Umraniye success story. Congratulations to all the brothers and sisters who have contributed. We are the teacher’s reception, President Tarick, Our soccer players and our brothers have been working here in the true spirit for three years. Furthermore, “There has been very good service in the past. We are seriously here to come here and the Regional Amateur League ( BAL) left. “ I used the phrase.

Emphasizing the importance of qualifying for the Super League, Jurdurum continued:

“Our youth interest and interest in football is very high in Umraniye around the world. There are about 120,000 young people here. Improve infrastructure and train soccer players. There is a need. To some extent the need for foreigners. I think this will be the next goal. Our teachers think so. I know this. That is why our Umraniye will continue to be infrastructure. Will focus on. I hope they continue to succeed in the Super League. “

Jurdurum, who said he would improve the club’s physical condition and do his best, said:

“During the previous administration, our stadium was a garbage dump, and 39 people died in a garbage explosion. The bodies of 8-9 people have not yet been found. Here we considered a sports village project. . Our President, they loved it very much. I hope they will be completed in stages. We will complete our stadium. We will update our stadium We hope that 10,000 to 15,000 people will perform important tasks that are suitable for them, with their infrastructure bringing together 7-8 pitches and seeing all sorts of training. We take Ümraniye to a higher level. It’s possible. At Ümraniye we have a real interest in football. Our brothers believe. Ümraniye players have filled this stadium and it’s going to be a very fun match. I will watch the game. “

Emphasizing that he received very positive reactions from both Umraniye and outside of Umraniye, Ismet Jurdurum concludes his words:

“It’s an important situation for district teams to join the Super League. Umraniye merchants are very pleased. We want young people to follow Umraniye Spor’s game. They also make us I know to help. A league without spectators. I invite all Umraniye residents to this enthusiasm. We draw a stadium project. “I present it to the president. I I met with the Minister of Sports. I will try to carry out these tasks as soon as possible. Use their knowledge, opinions and instructions as much as possible. “

Tarık Aksar: No President Misses Super League

Tarik Axal, president of the Umulani Espor Club, said the goal of all TFF First League presidents is the Super League.

Emphasizing the pressure that district teams are not appropriate to play in the Super League throughout the season, Axor said: “I have been president here for three years. From the day I came here,” Do you want to go out? “” Do you really want to quit? “” Do you quit the game in the last few days? ” I have a remark. “Including our district. I wanted this from the day I came. Because we were a district team, we were under pressure from different places and awareness was born.” “The Umraniye district team will be the seventh team. What is it doing?” That means we deserve it.‘He evaluated.

Recalling that Umraniye has a population of over 51 states, Axor said:

“We have defeated a bad fate. We have been waiting for this championship for a long time. Something happened when we said” OK, that’s it “for many years in this league. God did not allow us to leave. Thank God, this period has been given. We defeated Umraniye Spor’s bad fate and joined the Super League. Umraniye has always been regarded as a suburban district known for its dumps, perverts and prison homes. I’ve arrived at the Super League. Now our only goal is to stay here. Of course, there are drawbacks. Finish this as soon as possible. End the stadium in the Super League. Adjust according to the standard. Our mayor, Ismet Jurdurum, is also very supportive of us. They have never left us alone. “

Axor explained that the construction of the stadium will be completed as soon as possible, saying:

“Their project and ground survey have been completed. If we have the opportunity in the next few days, we will start building stadiums from three areas at the same time and complete them in 3-4 months. If not reached. We will continue to build the stadium while adhering to the standards. At the same time, we will start construction from three U-shaped locations. Ismet is a stadium architect such as Nef Stadium. Başakşehir Fatih Terim Stadium. He is familiar with this work. We are digging now. Our sports minister came here at the direction of our president, we investigated. The gas release behind the castle is zero Reached. Now we can do our job there. “

“I am an obligor”

Tarık Aksar said he aims to properly carry out his assigned mission.

Aksar said a great deal of effort was put into the championship. “I’m a duty man. I try to work in the best and most valuable way. I apply the same tactics I used in the first league of the Super League. Stretch your legs according to the quilt. The good thing about this job is to be permanent in the Super League. I do the opposite. I also think. So we organize teams according to the number coming. God Forbidden. Let us pretend to have fallen. Fall without debt Why are we not in debt that day?It doesn’t happen. Our first goal is to stay in the league. If we fall, we are ready to come out again as a team. “

Coach Receis Usal said it was a value raised by Umraniye, and Axor said they were also aiming to participate in the UEFA Cup in the long run.

Axor, “There are players we take notes and follow. We started talking to them. There are 8-10 reinforcements. There were 27 players this year, but this work was done by 14 people. If we can increase this team to 20, we will be permanent and play higher. We are looking for players in almost every position.‘ He said.

Recep Uçar: “We are proud to sign such a story.”

Umlani Espor Technical Director Receissar said he was proud of the championship they had achieved.

Recalling that he had his first coaching experience, Uçar said, “I’m proud to be able to sign a story like this with the team I was born and raised in and played football. This is one of the most valuable stories in my life. Don’t close this story here. I frankly want to write. The rest of this story. I’m not just saying this as a coach of Umraniye Spor. This story is a very valuable story. You are in competition. We are in 12th and 13th place among the teams that do. Big city teams. From the power of the media, the support of the community, the power of the stadium to the competing teams, it is very valuable to be behind the competing teams. There is a good story here. “” I commented.

Uçar used the following statement, emphasizing that they were successful in the Super League and also aimed to compete in various channels.

“As a result of the built structure, the developed game, the right plan and the right organization, it’s a happy ending story as Umraniye Spor, which guaranteed to reach the Super League at the time we came. Until the 34th week, I think this is also a valuable story without leaving the top two in many ways. Currently, there are many drawbacks to the Super League. The stadium facilities are flawed. The team’s I started planning. What do I need to do little by little, what team, what budget, how to form a team, how to compete? This question. We are serious about it. We hope we can conclude these studies as we wish and as we wish. “

Uçar said Umraniye Spor is one of the rare clubs managed by a balance of income and expenditure. “We want to build the best team possible and take part in the race by doing everything we can in our financial situation.z. It’s too early to talk about positions for now, but we continue to work on many positions. “

He thanked President Tariq Axal for considering continuing with him and said that Umraniye Spor’s realistic goal is to stay in the Super League.

Opinions of shopkeepers and fans

Halil Ibrahim Narkoz, one of Urumraniye Spor’s supporters, said he was very pleased with the championship and had great enthusiasm for the area.

Bülent Çetinkaya, one of the district merchants, “Our Umraniye Spor has become a champion. I have lived here for 30 years and have also played in amateur games. Our team has played in the Super League in 6 years. I am very happy. First of all, I would like to thank the management, the technical team and the mayor. I hope to stay in the Super League. I am very happy as a fan. We are happy. rice field.” I used the phrase.

Meanwhile, the merchant Selder Chetin “The championship is very proud of us. Please play the game here. I think it’s more productive to play here to support the team behind us. It was a very exciting moment for us. The neighborhood changed. The neighborhood was adorned with flags. The excitement added by our team also infected our neighborhood. Celebration of this enthusiasm Was also good.‘He evaluated.