Umrani Yespor focus on Galatasaray clash – TRT Spor


Red/White, who finished second in the Sport Toto 1st League last season and were promoted to the Super League for the first time in their 84-year history, drew 3-3 with Fenerbahçe in the first week, and Fraport TAV Antalyaspor 1-1. Lost in week 2 with 0. whichKredi Ümraniyespor will host Galatasaray in week 3.

Aksar, the head of the Istanbul national team, who started the Super League with a difficult match, issued a statement to AA correspondents regarding their performance in the first two games, transfer studies, the Galatasaray match and stadium conditions.

Tariq Aksar hopes the new season brings success to all teams. “Umrani Yespor is in the Super League for the first time since 1938. It is a great honor and happiness for us. There is excitement and impatience to go to the Super League. or how we can be successful, we will remain in the league.” Said.

Aksar says they have built a good team with a modest budget. “We formed a good team with very reasonable numbers, which we showed in the first week against Fenerbahçe, when we conceded in the final minutes to draw. Still, to get one point from Fenerbahçe is a big success for us. In the next period our team will sit some more. I think we will be permanent in this league.‘ He said.

The president of the red and white team, who said that he would finish the transfer with one or two soccer players, “At the moment, we are looking to acquire one or two more players. Umut Nayir is also in the national team, so he is not among us. We would like to conclude with two more transfers. used a phrase.


“I will do my best to get the best score against Galatasaray.”

Tariq Aksar said he will try to get the highest possible score against Galatasaray, who will be hosting on Friday 19 August.

“Both teams have 11 players.” Axor said of his fight with Galatasaray:

“We try to play our football as much as possible. We try to get good results in this way. We showed it in the Fenerbahçe match. The opportunities we found in the Antalyaspor match. Unable to change, we lost 1-0.Scored a goal but saw our weaknesses.We decided where to take precautions.Get the best score from the Galatasaray match “I want to earn points or points.

Umraniye District stadium lifts to Week 7

Umrani Yespor club president Tariq Aksal said the club will train at the Umraniye City Stadium, which is undergoing renovations, for the Kasim Pasha match in week seven.

Explaining that work on the stadium is progressing rapidly, Aksar said: “A neighborhood team plays baseball here.” Said.

Emphasizing that as soon as promotion to the Super League was confirmed, work had begun to bring the stadium up to standard, Axor continued:

“We will play at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium until the field is completed. We contacted the Football Federation.We asked how we could play on our field.They also brought us some criteria.They gave us our We said we would be allowed to play on the field.We started work immediately.It will be ready in about 15 days.Renewal.The stands are being rebuilt.We are trying to keep up with standards. The problem is the lighting. We expect him to come from overseas. When it’s done, we’ll play our fourth home game. We’ll play here..”

Tariq Aksal said he wants to be a team that adds color to the league. “We will never play indoors. We will show our football. Our biggest expectation is to stay in the league. We will continue to struggle. We will We are well on our way to becoming a better team and I believe our new friends will do better in the upcoming games.” I made that assessment.