Ukraine’s Last Minute Progress-Russian War: Citizens Flee, Putin Shoots

Again, Russia did not follow the ceasefire decision made to evacuate civilians. Yesterday, convoys carrying civilians, vehicles carrying aid, and hospitals were also targeted by the Russian army. Russia retargeted civilians in occupied Ukrainian territory yesterday. Mutual ceasefires were declared between 09:00 and 21:00 in the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernigifu, Sumi and Mariupol, and it was announced that humanitarian corridors were allowed, but Russian troops did not comply.

A bomb was dropped on Irpin, 20 kilometers west of the capital Kyiv, attacking city hospitals, health centers, and many private buildings. It was also pointed out that the Red Cross vehicle was scanned and it was not allowed to collect bodies on the street.

People trying to escape from Kharkov flocked to the station. Meanwhile, Russian troops rained the city without stopping the bomb. Temperatures in Ukraine, where snowfall begins in many areas, are projected to drop to -20 degrees Celsius.

Citizens from Sumi on the Russian border also departed for the convoy. However, it was reported that Russian tanks fired into the city, killing many civilians, including children, and requiring some of the buses carrying the civilians to return. The hospital that was shot down in Kharkov is no longer available. Despite the ceasefire, Mariupol was in the city where it dropped missiles and bombs. The United Nations has announced that at least 474 civilians have died since the occupation began, and that more than two million civilians have fled to Europe.

What happened during the occupation …

10.46 It was announced on Monday night that 22 people, including three children, were killed in an air raid by Russian troops in Sumi. Governor of Sumi, Dimitro Zibitsky, said Russian troops launched three attacks a night in the northeastern part of the city of Sumi, describing the incident as a “mass slaughter.” Nine people died in one house during the attack. A total of 6 homes in the city were completely destroyed and 20 homes were partially destroyed. It has been reported that 5,000 people have been evacuated from Sumi since Russia declared a ceasefire in the humanitarian passage corridor.

10:45 am Russia has discovered more than 500 weapons at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. The National Guard of Russia (Rosgvardiya) has announced that the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, which was under Russian control, has more than 500 weapons. It was said that the power plant of the power plant contained not only firearms but also a large amount of ammunition.

10.26 Russia has decided to reduce the use of dollars in reserves and foreign payments. In a statement to Sputnik, Dmitry Birichevsky, head of economic cooperation at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the use of the dollar in both domestic and foreign exchange reserves as a key element of the Russian economy. Explained the reduction of.

09.54 British Foreign Minister Liz Truss has announced that Russian planes can be banned from flying in British airspace and can be detained.

09.52 Russian Defense Ministry officials have announced that a Ukrainian sabotage group attempted an attack last night by invading the area where the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is located. It was recorded that a sabotage group set fire to the building while leaving the factory grounds after they were suppressed by Russian troops.

09.50 According to the latest information on the battlefield information of the British Ministry of Defense, Russian troops could not make great progress north of Kyiv.

09.26 Russian Ministry of Defense shared a document on Kyiv’s preparation for an attack on Donbus

09.15 The Russian Foreign Ministry has announced that Sergeń≠ Viklov will attend the trilateral summit in Antalya. The Russian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that Sergeń≠ Viklov will meet with Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in Turkey tomorrow.

Disconnect from Chernobyl

08.58 The International Atomic Energy Agency has lost contact with the Chernobyl guard surveillance system. The agency has announced that it has lost contact with the Chernobyl nuclear power plant as it no longer sends to UN atomic observers.

08.27 Universal Music has ceased activities in Russia.

Explosion in Kyiv

08.25 The BBC reports that an explosion was heard in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Journalists in the city reported hearing a series of explosions. The city’s attack siren rang at 06:00 local time.

08.00 The Russian National Guard states that the situation at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is “fully controlled”.

Missile support from the United States to Poland

07.38 The decision to send the Patriot missile to Poland in response to the threat to the Allies came from the United States. U.S. European Command (EUCOM) spokesman Adam Miller sends two Patriot air defense system missile batteries to Poland to counter threat to the United States and its NATO allies during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Said. “At the direction of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and the invitation of Poland’s allies, U.S. EUCOM Commander Todd Daniel Walters will redeploy two Patriot batteries to Poland in the U.S. Army Europe and Africa (USAREUR-AF). “I instructed,” said Spokesman Miller. In a statement. It was recorded. Miller noted the principle that attacks on one member of NATO would be on all members: “This is a cautious force safeguard that supports our commitment to Article 5 and is offensive. It doesn’t support the operation, it’s about stopping the invasion and reassuring allies, “he said.

5000 people were kicked out

07.00 The ceasefire system initiated by Russia for the evacuation of civilians from five cities in Ukraine has had its first consequences. Yulia Tymoshenko, Vice President of the Ukrainian Presidential Office, announced yesterday that 5,000 people on a bus from the city of Sumi in Ukraine have been evacuated from the city. Tymoshenko announced that the evacuation was in two stages and that both stages were successfully completed. “Both stages of Sumi have been evacuated. Approximately 5,000 people on 1,000 secure buses. Evacuated. Completed after the first successful evacuation, followed by the second phase, the convoy to Poltava was completed. Completed, “he said. Tymoshenko pointed out that some of the evacuees were Turkish citizens, saying, “Most of the evacuees are women and children. Among them are Turkish citizens.” In a statement, some of the civilians transferred to Poltava were put on trains and those who wanted to stay in the city were put in shelters.

Citizenship decision

06.36 Ukraine’s Deputy Interior Minister, Yehuchen Yen, has announced that foreigners coming to Ukraine to fight the occupation of Russia will be given citizenship.

06:00 Kyrylovska Tymoshenko, deputy chief of the Ukrainian general staff, said about 5,000 people had evacuated from Smy and 1,000 vehicles had left the city.

05.57 The United Nations has announced that at least 474 civilians have been killed in Ukraine since the invasion of Russia began.

“Most of the recorded civilian casualties resulted from the use of heavy guns and triple-barrel rocket systems, and the use of explosive weapons with a wide range of effects, including missiles and airstrikes,” the statement said.

05.49 Ukrainian official Sergey Bolvinov has announced that 27 people have died in Kharkov in one day. Borbinov said a total of 170 civilians, including five children, have been killed in the besieged city since the beginning of the Russian occupation.

04.10 Former Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Okruashvili came to Ukraine with other Georgian volunteers, according to a statement from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. “Oklashvili is in Ukraine with Georgian volunteers to support the fight against the Russian occupying forces,” the ministry said in a statement.

04.00 Russia sent heavy weapons by armored train from the Crimean Peninsula to the conflicting cities in southern Ukraine.

03.10 Russia launched a rocket attack on the military barracks of the Ukrainian city of Zitmir with military aircraft, but launched an air raid on the military base in Kharkiv and completely destroyed the military base.

02.40 Hungary has announced that it does not support the possibility of natural gas and oil sanctions against Russia.

02.05 Fitch downgraded Russia’s credit rating from “B” to “C”.

02:00 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky responded to the United Nations (UN), which did not use the term “war” against Russia’s attack on your country, and in his speech Zelensky talked about US oil Joe Biden. He said he thanked the President of the United States. Sanctions against Russia. “The United States has taken steps to significantly weaken the occupiers. I am personally grateful to US President Joe Biden for this decision,” he said.

01.55 NATO announced that Defense Minister will hold an extraordinary meeting on the latest developments in the war between Russia and Ukraine on March 16 through a video conference.

00.20 The Central Bank of Russia has announced that customers who find a foreign currency account can withdraw up to $ 10,000. In addition, banks are prohibited from selling foreign currency to citizens until further notice. According to a decision announced by the Central Bank of Russia, withdrawals will be paid in dollars regardless of which foreign currency customers the account has.

00.00 Coca-Cola said it would suspend its business in Russia.

“War crimes have been committed”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said: Many civilians were killed and injured. ” “There are very credible reports that evacuated civilians have fired,” Stoltenberg said. “Targeting civilians is a war crime and absolutely unacceptable,” he said.

“This is Putin’s war.”

The attack on Ukraine was aimed at seizing the sovereign state, and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken emphasized that Russia would be responsible to the world for this. “We will continue to tighten sanctions,” Blinken said. “This is Putin’s war, not a free war,” he said. “Russia should provide a passage to the humanitarian corridor,” Blinken said in response to the killings of civilians.

Preparing for resistance

While the struggle for survival continues in the siege of Russia, weapons are being distributed to people in areas partially away from the war, such as Lviv. Preparations continue for Russia’s invasion of Odessa on the Black Sea coast. Ukraine has announced that a total of 12,000 Russian soldiers have been killed. According to Western sources, this number is between 2 and 4,000.

Sanctions from around the world are occurring in Russia

After the attack on Ukraine and Russia. Iran has become the most sanctioned country in the world, beyond Syria and North Korea. Russia was first ranked with a total of 5,000,532 sanctions, followed by Iran with 3,000,616 sanctions. The country that responded most strongly to Russia was Switzerland, which was sanctioned by 568. This is followed by the European Union with 518 sanctions.