UEFA Europa League: When and on which channel will the match between Barcelona and Galatasaray take place? (May start at 11)

Enter tough equipment
Galatasaray will experience a tough match for a month starting with the match in Barcelona.

Tomorrow’s UEFA Europa League and Thursday, March 17th, the yellow-red team will face Barcelona. In the Super League, there will be a series of matches between Besiktas, Gaziantep FK, VavaCars Fatih Karagümrük and Fenerbahçe.

Barcelona finished third in the Champions League group
Barcelona failed to achieve the desired results in this season’s UEFA Champions League.

Barcelona, ​​who finished third in LaLiga last season, moved directly to the Champions League group. In Group E, they played against Germany’s Bayern Munich, Portugal’s Benfica and Ukraine’s Dynamo Kyiv, and Spain finished third in six games with two wins, one draw and three losses.

Barcelona, ​​who continued to play in the UEFA Europa League, became a rival to Galatasaray, beating Naples with 1-1 and 4-2 scores in the last 16 playoff stages.

In LaLiga, Barcelona had 13 wins, 9 draws and 4 losses in 26 games. The Catalan team under the control of Xavi Hernandez, who hasn’t seen a defeat in the last 11 games in the league, has won 7-4 draws.

Rapids and pena against his old team
Galatasaray coach Domenek Trent and goalkeeper Inaki Penha will be competing against the previous team.

The Spanish coach joined the Barcelona B team in 2007 as an assistant to his compatriot Pep Guardiola. A year later, Torrent, who was on Team A’s technical team, had a successful process for four years under Guardiola’s control.

Pena, borrowed from Barcelona during Galatasaray’s interim transfer, played for Burgundy Dark Blue players of all ages from 2013 to the end of January.

Assistant coach Jordi Gris and goalkeeper coach Ricard Segara also served for a long time in Barcelona.

Arda Turan, the captain of the yellow-red team, also wore a Barcelona jersey for some time.

301st appointment in Europe

The yellow-red team won 106 of the 300 games played in the Europa League. After losing his opponent in 114 games, Galatasaray finished 80 games in a draw.

On the European stage, the yellow-red team, which aired the opponent’s net 400 times, could not prevent 446 goals at the castle.

91st appointment with “Cup 2”
Galatasaray will make his 91st appearance in the second cup of Europe.

In the organization organized under the names of the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Europa League, the yellow-red team played 90 games, 36 wins, 30 draws and 24 losses.

Galatasaray scored 141 goals in the aforementioned match and 111 goals in the castle.

The performance of the Yellow-Red team of the Europa League organization is as follows.

Organization He G B M A Y
Champion club cup 35 12 8 15 42 53
UEFA Champions League 116 28 28 29 59 112 112 197
UEFA Champions League Qualifying 26 17 17 6 3 61 29
Cup Winners Cup 32 12 7 13 42 55 55
UEFA Cup and Europa League 90 36 30 twenty four 141 111
UEFA Super Cup one one ―――― ―――― 2nd place one
total 300 106 80 114 114 400 446

9th appointment with Barcelona
Galatasaray and Barcelona will meet for the ninth time in history.

The two UEFA Champions League teams, who have participated in the same group four times, faced each other in “Cup 2” for the first time.

In eight games between the two teams, Galatasaray won once and Barcelona won five times on the field. Both games ended in a draw.

Barcelona aired 14 times against the six goals scored by Galatasaray.

33 appointments with the Spanish team
Galatasaray has played 33 games against the Spanish team so far.

The yellow-red team won eight times in the above tournament, but lost six times and lost 19 times.

Galatasaray, who aired the rival network 31 times in these games, was unable to prevent 64 goals at the castle.

Barcelona, ​​meanwhile, won nine of the 14 games against the Turkish team, drew in two games and lost three times. The Catalans scored 12 goals with their goals against the 30 goals scored.

The museum has two European trophies.
Galatasaray, Turkey’s most successful and experienced soccer team on the European stage, has won two trophies.

The yellow-red team won the first European trophy in the 1999-2000 season under the control of current coach Fatih Terim. Galatasaray eliminated Arsenal in the final and brought the UEFA Cup to the museum.

In 2000, Galatasaray won the UEFA Super Cup by conquering Real Madrid under the control of Romanian coach Mircea Lucescu.

Major achievements in Europe
With the exception of the UEFA Cup and UEFA Super Cup, Galatasaray has had many significant successes in Europe.

The yellow-red team, which has played once in the semi-finals and twice in the quarter-finals of the Champions Club Cup, has played three times in the last eight teams of the UEFA Champions League.

Galata Sarai made his first appearance in the Champions Club Cup quarterfinals in the 1962-1963 season, losing to Italy’s Team Milan and bowing back to Poland’s Legia Warszawa team in the 1969-1970 season quarterfinals. I did.

Galatasaray reached the semifinals of the Champions Club Cup in the 1988-1989 season, when he won the title of “European Conqueror” under the supervision of Mustafa Denizli and won with Neuchâtel Xamax and Monaco. Did. However, the Romanian team was eliminated by Steau Bucharest and lost its final dream to its rivals.

Manchester United won the championship after the organization began playing under the UEFA Champions League name, and in the 1993-1994 season when they were included in the Champions League group, the yellow-red team managed to make it to the last eight teams. It was included. For the first time in its history. At the time, in the Champions League, where there were 4 groups and 2 groups, this tour was called a group match and did not participate in the quarterfinals, but the yellow-red team has become one of the best eight teams in Europe. rice field. ..

Galatasaray reached the quarter-finals in the 2000-2001 season under the control of Mircea Lucescu. Galatasaray, who left the group in two rounds and found a place in the last eight teams, lost to Real Madrid in the quarterfinals.

During the 2012-2013 season, the yellow-red team was successful under the control of Fatitelim and was able to play in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals. As in the 2000-2001 season, Galatasaray lost to Real Madrid in the quarterfinals and said goodbye to the organization.

Galatasaray made fans smile by winning the European Cup with big clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Juventus, Manchester United, Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain, Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal.

Eliminate once in the lottery, skip once
Galatasaray was once a victim and was a lucky aspect of the “lottery” method used in the past when two teams failed to win the Europa League before the quarterfinals.

Galatasaray, who faced Swiss team Zurich in the second round of the 1963-64 season of the Champions Club Cup, lost 2-0 in the first match and won 2-0 in the home match. By convention at the time, Zurich passed the round when the result of the third match in Rome, the Italian capital as a neutral field, ended 2-2, resulting in its name in the quarterfinals. It was a draw.

The yellow-red team played against the Czechoslovak team Spartact Lunava in the second round of the 1969-70 Champion Club Cup. Galatasaray won the regular return match with the same score after losing 1-0 in the first match. When the score did not change in the overtime section, the draw was reopened and Galatasaray advanced to the quarterfinals.

Biggest win or loss
Galatasaray experienced the most different wins in the Europa League against Israeli team McCabinetanya and the most different defeats against Germany’s Bayern Munich and Spain’s Real Madrid.

Hosting the Israeli McCabinetanya team in Round 2 of the UEFA Europa League 2009-2010 season qualifying round, the yellow-red team won the match at Arisamiyen Stadium 6-0 in European history. It was the most characteristic victory. cup.

The yellow-red team lost 6-0 to the German team Bayern Munich in the first round of the 1972-1973 Champion Club Cup and 6-0 to Real Madrid in the 2019-2020 season. ..