U17 national team preparing for European Championship-TRTSpor

With Ümit National Team Coach and Junior National Team Manager Tolunay Kafkas and National Team Coach Soykan Başar under the age of 17 before training a crescent star team working at the Hasandan National Team Camp and Training Facility in Riva, the Turkish Football Federation. Soccer players Efe Arda Koyuncu and Can Yılmaz Uzun answered the questions of the press.

Focusing on the importance of the championship with the Crescent and Star teams, Torney Caucasus said:Participation of national teams under the age of 17 in the European Championships is important for Japan, the Ümit national team, the national team under the age of 19, and the A national team. Players go through the process here. I’m doing a serious job. The end of this road is the national team. There are both young players and young and dynamic coaches. There is a beautiful path we follow. We took the first step at the age of 17. I was expecting a team under the age of 19, but there were some setbacks. I couldn’t do the job this year. Next year we will do our best to lead both teams to the championship. “ He said.

Mr. Kafkas pointed out that they attach great importance to the development of coaches and players. “We believe our young coaches here will give a lot to both the national team and the club in the coming years after serious training. I will support them to the end.” I used the phrase.

Caucasus points out that there are not enough opportunities for young players in Turkey. “Looking at Europe, Turkey is the country behind young players.” Now these players need to take more time to play and grow. Players are a serious academy that needs to be established, not just playing during this period. Of course, these take time, effort, and effort. “ I made a statement.

Bashar: We are confident that we will get very good results.

Soykan Başar, coach of the national team under the age of 17 “We’ve been with the players since we were 14 years old. We worked on setting goals for the European Championship and that’s how it came to this day. We have the game structure in our heads. Created, created personality, created players. Character. I understood and practiced how to theoretically reflect this character on the field. From both a defensive and offensive perspective. We are warriors together. The kids have formed a team of. What are the goals and how we need to play. I am confident that we will get very good results in the championship. “ He said.

Bashar about the injury of young Fenerbahce soccer player Arda Guler, “I convey my best wishes. He is a valuable and very important player. Immediately energize both the Fenerbahce community, him, and his family. Immediately energize us. I hope he will be back on the field as soon as possible. There is no substitute for the players on the national team. “The players will do their best for the national jersey. Our player pool is very It’s often the best way to play for him. “ He said.

Efeal Dakoyunk, one of the national players, “We are working fast and selflessly. We really want it and we are very serious about it. We hope to return to our country with the trophy. . “ I used the phrase.

Can Yılmaz Uzun, one of the crescent and star players, be able to do it? “We have been waiting for this moment for a long time. We hope it will be a very good tournament. We hope it will be a very good tournament for us. Our work is going fast. I’m very happy here. I hope it continues. Like this. “ Expressed his opinion.