Two days from Doutall to Erdogan: If he doesn’t speak, explain

Ankara -Future Party Chair Ahmet Dabtor issued a statement on the statement of MHP Chair Devlet Bacheli in support of police violence in Adana.

In a statement published to his social media account, Davutoğlu used the following statement, accompanied by images of police violence against Adana’s Fulkan Foundation members:

“The images that spread from Adana all over our country last Sunday have deeply hurt the conscience of the people. Children, women, yelling, paintings that don’t fit Turkey in the 21st century.”

“To the state of law and our spiritual values”

MHP leader Devlet Bacheli said in a speech at a party group meeting that he believed the case was right and justified: “Mr. Bacheli, I want to remind you that sanctions have been imposed by the prestigious Turkish judicial authorities. The state of democratic law “The resulting situation, regardless of the views of the interlocutors, is based on a deep historical background, both in the state of democratic law and in the moral value of our society. It’s against, “he said.

“We also protect the laws of people who may be in short supply.”

Davutoğlu said:
“While defending their law today, we not only protect their law, but also the rights of those who may be oppressed in the future by similar discussions. If you intend to comply with police law, first of all, you oppose the rules issued by the Interior Minister to move police and guards every three to four years. “

“If Soil is loyal to the state, he must announce a MEP that will receive a salary from the Mafia.”

Dubtor points to Interior Minister Süleyman Soyle, “If he is loyal to the law and the state and intends to do what is necessary for the morals of the state, he first says he knows the name of the agent. Must be clarified. It is paid by the Mafia and criminal gangs. ” Mr. Erdogan is also under examination. Will the interior minister accept the disproportionate use of force and initiate an investigation, or will he continue to recklessly encourage illegal activity by saying that I have left Bacheli behind? Meanwhile, Erdogan faces greater challenges. Efforts to protect his power by abusing the scarf daily and threatening the masses daily on February 28 are now over. This is my last word to Mr. Bahçeli. You mentioned a religious trafficker, but the real religion is to keep your scarf every day and keep silence in the face of a woman in a scarf being beaten with a baton. “

“I will explain and call in public on Thursday.”

Noting that President Erdogan waited for the statement for two days and issued an important statement on Thursday, March 24, Doutall said:

“Wait two more days. Mr Erdogan has been silent for two days. If this happened in another country, or if the opposition city police were saying something to someone who bent over, it would moan the Earth. You did. Mr. Erdogan, I expect a clear statement from you about whether you think the same as Mr. Bercheri. Is this table correct? Is this table legal? This picture is Did you get inside? Tomorrow we will only listen to group meetings from this perspective and make important remarks and calls to the general public on Thursday. “

Meanwhile, the AK party’s group meeting scheduled for March 23 (Wednesday) (tomorrow) has been cancelled. There was no reason to cancel. (Wall)