Turkish student stuck in Kharkov reunites with family

College student Merve Buse Develi, who experienced a horrifying moment in an explosion during a live broadcast, reunited with his family in Antalya after a five-day trip.

Merve Buse Develi (23), a sophomore in psychology at the Polytechnic Institute in Kharkiv, Ukraine, returned with a Turkish initiative.

Debelli, who came to the agenda six days ago when he approached the bomb in Kharkov with a live connection to a television channel and asked for help, embarked on a difficult five-day journey in his country’s initiative.

After a 27-hour train journey, Deberg went to Romania and arrived in Istanbul by bus. Buse Develi brought three fellow students from Turkmenistan.

Debelli landed at Antalya Airport by plane at noon. Father Mustafa Deveri and Melve Deveri have been hugging each other for a long time at the exit of the domestic flight, so their longing has disappeared.

“I was very afraid I wouldn’t match.”

Merve Develi and her three friends came to her father’s house in the Corkterri district. There was an emotional moment when Debelli met his family. Mother Fatmadeberg hugs her daughter, “My mother, my lamb, my lover, my mother, I died. Dear mother, I was very afraid that I couldn’t smell you. Mom. I was so scared that I couldn’t meet you. “ She shed tears.

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Turkish student stuck in Kharkov reunites with family # 1

“Our night train was harassed.”

Merve Buse Develi said she had been on the road for about a week and was able to come to her hometown of Antalya through a difficult process. She said they only had a 27-hour train journey, Deberg said. “We couldn’t find food or drink because we didn’t stop. The night train was harassed and we had to hide in the train. It was pretty hard. Rest assured to enter Romania. Did.

Turkish student stuck in Kharkov reunites with family # 2

“I’m scared if I hear the sound of an aircraft”

I’m still scared to hear the sound of an airplane. Look back on whether something is happening. It was very difficult for us. The school we are currently studying and the way we walk are ruined. ” He said.

Turkish student stuck in Kharkov reunites with family # 3

“No more left behind, our school is over”

Debelli said they began hearing the sound of bombs in the immediate vicinity of them and saw explosions in several places while they were leaving. “Now there is nothing left. Our school is gone. At the beginning of the eviction process, we had hope. We worked hard to speak out, but for a while. Bombardment and shooting began to worsen and despair began. Now it’s our turn. After a while, communication with the family began to lose. Then we began to deteriorate. Our family Supported us. There was no news on the day of the evacuation news. We started by our own means and learned along the way. 2.5 until we reached the evacuation site. I walked a kilometer and got on the train. Even that walk can prove our anxiety. What if we can’t keep up or the train runs out? ” Said.

Turkish student stuck in Kharkov reunites with family # 4

“It was better when I hugged my mother.”

Merve Buse Develi said he was happy to see his family again despite the difficult process. “It was very bad to see what happened there and never see my family again. The moment I left the Ukrainian border, I felt comfortable. I said I was saved. I got better when I hugged my mom. “ I used the phrase.

Turkish student stuck in Kharkov reunites with family # 5

“We had hope in the last two days.”

Father Mustafa Develi said he met his daughter for the first time 45 days later. “It was a tough time. We thank all the officials, the elders of our state. We have given up hope for the last two days. Maybe it’s our last conversation, maybe. It was our last sight. I can’t say anything now. I have a son. Our only hope is for all children to reunite with their families. What I experience I can’t explain what I did. ” Said.

Turkish student stuck in Kharkov reunites with family # 6

“I make tears of joy shine.”

Her mother, Fatma Deberg, also said she had a very bad day and it would be difficult to explain what she had experienced. “We were very afraid that we couldn’t see our baby and smell its scent. I didn’t get up from the TV. We prayed constantly. With help, my daughter came home. I was very happy when I heard he wasn’t there. I shed tears of joy because I had a daughter. My previous tears It was for sadness, this was for joy. We could afford to buy three children from Turkmenistan. We also brought it. I wish I could bring more. My daughter likes I also cooked a nice dish. “ Said.

“We are eligible from the war zone”

Meanwhile, Mansudov Isaberdi said Ukrainian cities have begun to be bombed. “We also had to get out of there. Our school is half done. We came to Turkey with our friends. We survived the war zone, thank God. To do.” Said.

Turkish student stuck in Kharkov reunites with family # 7

“Thanks to those who helped me.”

Orazberdiyew וlyasberdi also thanked the Develi family for accepting them. “I would also like to thank the people who helped us get out of it. Life there was very hard. People stayed behind. There was no evacuation. Stay only at the subway station. There are also people. There was no place to stay there, they went everywhere. “ He said.

The Deberi family rented an apartment to three Turkmen students to meet their accommodation and dining needs.