Turkish skateboard national team training camp continues in Karaman

The Turkish Street Discipline Skateboarding National Team continues to prepare for the Rome Pro Tour 2022 race, the first leg of the Paris 2024 Olympics, with eight athletes under the supervision of national team trainers Tuncay Koçal and Baran Tansel. .. At the preparatory camp, where Karaman’s skateboard trainer Aziz Karhan and the state representative of skateboard Doğukan Asilkan are partners, athletes continue to train with daily double training.

The coach of the Tuncay Şikosal national team said they had a productive camp period, saying: We have gone through a complete camping process with 6 male athletes and 2 female athletes. At the preparatory camp, I also had the opportunity to meet Karaman’s skateboarders. We tried to convey our experience by establishing good bonds with them in this process and provided information on how they work. Currently, skateboard trucks are beginning to be built in many cities in Japan, and the number of clubs is increasing significantly. In particular, the number of female athletes has increased significantly. After the skateboarding sector was included in school sports, we also observed an increase in the number of athletes competing on behalf of school sports. Our current position makes us really happy. Our goals and expectations are enormous. But we want to proceed with them in a controlled manner with patients. As we are a very new federation, we want to get off to a good start and leave a good path for the people who come after us, “he said.

The camp process is on track, and national athlete Berke Dikçioğlu said: “I am very pleased to be able to continue the skateboarding sport that I started as a national athlete at the end of 2009. We are currently in a camp preparation camp with Karaman’s friends for the quarter race in Rome. The process is going pretty well now. We want to represent our country in the best possible way by assessing the camping process in the best possible way. With friends, we have very good goals. Our biggest goal right now is the Olympic Championships. But this requires a very hard work process and patience. We. Is aware of this too. That’s why we want to keep our goals by maximizing every moment in the camp. There is a quarter race in front of us, as all athletes want. We fight to represent our country in the best possible way. We hope Karaman brings us good luck and we pass the first full-scale test, “he says. I did.

National athlete Okan Perchek, who said the skateboarding team had a good bond, said: My adventure with the national team actually started in a very short time. At the end of the tournament held, I was eligible to join the national team. Now we are doing a very serious test before us. Soon, I will be traveling to Italy for the Roma Pro Tour 2022 race. We are spending our first camp in 2022 in Karaman. We have strong staff. I think it will be a great success with my friends. Hopefully we will represent our country in the best way on the first exam and return to our country with good grades. “

Ali Osman Bebek, head of youth sports, said he was happy to welcome the national skateboarding team at Calaman. .. Karaman’s skateboards are making good progress. The organization of such a camp in Karaman by our national team is a great advantage for our young people playing this sport in our state. Our youth carefully follow the training of our national team and understand their shortcomings. The coaches of our national team are deeply interested in our youth and share their experiences with them. We wish the national team a success before the Rome Pro Tour 2022 race. “

Karaman (UAV)