“Turkish football has an earthquake”-TRTSpor

In a statement about the Galatasaray match last week and the upcoming Giresunspor match, Culin emphasized that the referee’s decision had organized an operation against Rizespor, the Giresunspor match.

“I regret not pulling the team off the field.”

In response to a question about the match against Galatasaray, President Tahil Kiran of Caykur Rizespol said: “You don’t have to discuss the decision against Galatasaray. There is no decision to discuss. I really regret why I didn’t pull the team off the field anyway. Such shame will never be seen again in Turkish football. I think we should quit the game now. What happened has happened. Of course, the football federation imposes sanctions. After all, stealing the workforce of these people is not an easy task. No. I think the Turkish Football Federation and MHK will do what it needs to do. ” Said.

“Surgery is being performed at Rize Spo Club”

Mr Curran said that if the problem is not fixed, there will be a big earthquake in Turkish football. “We’re screaming for 24 weeks. The Chaikle Rize Spor Club has been running for 24 weeks. I hope it’s over. If it doesn’t, there’s a real problem. Playing so much with the team I can’t. But I know the reason for this. I understand the reason for this. I know exactly where it came from. I know them for a while They have fixed this situation, they have fixed it, otherwise there will be a big earthquake in Turkish football. “ I used the phrase.

“No one wants to be a treason, everyone is wise”

Tahir Kiran said it was wrong that what happened to Rizesupo was not discussed in the media. “You don’t have to talk about whether the penalty is correct, or whether this penalty is correct. They have already broadcast our match live and once after the match. Positions and decisions have been discussed. Not. For example, in a Galatasaray match, a man steps on Gedson’s shin behind his boots and the opposite is decided. They don’t even put it in the image. Something very interesting is happening. But they don’t have to save Galatasaray. Galatasaray saves themselves. Anyone who deserves wins. But now people should serve their own country and country. To their own country or country. Those who do not serve are also traitors to me. No one wants to be imprinted for treason. Everyone will be wise. ” He said.

“We will bring Rize Spo to the right place with our fans.”

Calling supporters of Rizesupo, Kiran said he was happy with his fans. “I have nothing to say to the fans. They are doing their best. The fans took care of their team and after these events they saw better what they were. This Later, our fans hug Rize Spo with 15 hands instead of 5 hands. They understand what happened to us. Everyone takes care of their team and their country. You will see. This is our home, our home. There is no other Rize. We protect Rize Spo with all the power we have. Have Rize Spo in the right position together. I will continue. ” Said.

“Our Giresun, Our Rize”

Regarding the match that Giresunspor will hold at home at the 28th week’s convention, President Kiran said: “When we come to Giresun’s match, they’re in trouble. We’re in trouble too. Hopefully it’ll be a pretty match. Hope the fate of the match isn’t drawn out by a referee’s mistake. I hope it will be an encounter that will not make the wrong decision. Giresun is our team and Rizepo is our team. “ I used the phrase.