Turkish businessman aiming for Chelsea: currently under our control

After Roman Abramovich announced that he would sell it, Turkish businessman Musin Byrac announced that he was willing to buy a club.

Bayrak, owner of AB Group Holding, which has invested in London and operates in many sectors, told Independent Turkish about his decision to buy something curious with Chelsea.

“Now all the arrows point to us. We have reached a stage of negotiation.”

“We were cooperating with architect Professor Barbaros Saditch, who is also an architect in the group,” said Bylac, who was aware of this situation before the sale of the club was officially announced. I said, situation, let’s talk. “We talked, and it was positive. “

Bylac also talked about the payment methods planned for the sale of the club. Turkey is the most reliable capital port in the world. There are 4-5 other buyers in Chelsea, but all the arrows are now pointing to us. .. We have reached the stage of negotiations. We will send a delegation to London next Wednesday or Thursday. “We have a face-to-face preliminary meeting. Our lawyer is currently in a meeting,” he said.

“Now it is completely under our control and in our power.”

He said the sale of Chelsea to a Turkish company was a very important step for Turkey and would raise awareness of it, Bailak continued.

“It will be a very important ad for our country. We are determined because it adds an important vision to our country and our possession. At this point, it is completely It’s under our control and in our power. This is the situation, and it’s going well now. “

“We or AB Group Holding do not need advertising. This is a trade. You buy a company. You do not buy it.”

In response to criticism that the bid to Chelsea was for promotional purposes, Byrac used the following statement:

“We or AB Grup Holding don’t need ads. I’ve been working day and night for 40 years. I love Turkey. We spent the day and night for Turkey. We already It’s a very strong company in the world. No ads needed. It’s a commercial transaction. You can join if you go. “You’re a buyer and you don’t get it, so you didn’t say anything like advertising. But the news is true. , We get it, I hope. “

“Our country is still a rough diamond, but people like us can process it and introduce it to the world.”

Muhsin Bayrak has stated that Chelsea will add a very different vision to Turkey: “Chelsea is one of the largest clubs in the world. What does this mean? That is, Turkish companies are in the world. Must exist and the power of the world and Turkey is now found in the world: “We must now be global as well as local, because the Turkish people are very diligent and ambitious. This is seen in trade in Europe. We are usually much more people. For Turkey, such an investment is very important. It is very important for the promotion of “Turkey.” Our country is a rough diamond, but people like us can process it and introduce it to the world. ” He said.

“No one should be worried that we will do our best.”

“What will their target transfer budget be if an agreement is reached,” said Bylac, saying it’s too early to talk about this for now.

“It’s too early to talk about it now, but rest assured. We do it in the best possible way. We do everything we have done in the world in the best possible way. So no one has to worry about us doing it. The best way. “

Abramovich bought it 19 years ago

Chelsea, one of the Premier League clubs, was acquired 19 years ago by Russian businessman Roman Abramovich for around £ 140 million.

Spending in the meantime was in the mouth of almost everyone, but the exit process, which began with Jose Mourinho, paved the way for Chelsea to become a global brand.

Under President Abramovic, the London team has won five Premier League titles, two Champions League, five FA Cups, three League Cups, two Europa Leagues, one UEFA Super Cup and one FIFA Club World Cup. , Won the English Super Cup twice.

According to Transfermarkt data, the value of Chelsea’s current team, led by German coach Thomas Tuchel, is € 883 million. The club’s most valuable players are Romelu Lukaku (Euro 100 million), Mason Mount (Euro 75 million), Kai Havertz (Euro 70 million), Reece James (Euro 55 million), Timo Werner and Ngoro. am. 50 million euros worth singing

Bruce, who played 25 games in the Premier League this season, is in third place, 16 points behind leader Manchester City despite missing 50 points and two games.