Turkey’s up-and-coming brand “barrier-free football”-TRT Spor

Etimes Gutberedi Espol, who defeated Wisla Krakuff in the Amputee Football Champions League, brings the championship trophy to Turkey after the Amputee football team won the last two European championships in 2017 and 2021. I did.

Hearing-impaired athletes mark disabled football in Olympic, World and European championships, visually impaired athletes (sound-seeers) participate in European championships and Paralympic games, down syndrome Athletes are the European championships and third in the world.

Muaz Ergezen, chairman of the Turkish Federation of Sports for the Disabled, said amputee football has made good progress over the last 15 years. “We are a global brand of amputee football. We would like to share the good news. We have sent you an article today. We would like to take the world amputee football presidency to Turkey permanently. Let’s make this our place. Headquarters to stay in Turkey forever. “ I used a phrase.

Ergezen said sports are the best place for people with disabilities to express themselves. “If possible, I would like to present our championship to our country at the World Amputee Football Championship in Istanbul. These successes have been made with great effort and effort. These successes will continue. I think it will continue, and I would like to thank TFF for guiding them to share their experiences. “ I made that evaluation.

“We have a say in world football.”

As of 2006, 0054smail Erdem, head of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) Federation for the Disabled, said he had begun to provide significant support for disabled football, especially with regard to the development of this branch.

Emphasizing that the Disability Act also played an important role in this development, Erdem said: “First of all, we need to thank the President on behalf of all people with disabilities. The Disability Law actually brought people with disabilities back to life and they started to hold up. This is it. Created itself. Known at every stage of life. “ Said.

Explaining that Turkish athletes with disabilities have achieved successful results in key organizations around the world, 0054smail Erdem said:

“Last year, our National Ampty team became the second European champion. This year, our special athlete was third in the world championships they participated in for the first time. Recently, we National Def Football Team 3rd in Brazil’s Summer Olympics. June European Championships for the Blind will be held in Italy in the second week of the month, expecting a very important degree from them. To the world stage from September 30th to October 9th. The World Championship was held for the first time in Japan and is the second consecutive European champion. “Our biggest wish is that the National Ampty Team will be the World Champion. Completing the tournament. In this context, our team of representatives from the four federations has recently acquired important degrees for our country. “

Ismail Eldem said, emphasizing that he believes that Turkish athletes will continue to leave their mark on world football. “It’s worth emphasizing. How many years in the world can athletes with disabilities be able to support, remove, encourage, and provide financial and moral motivation for athletes with disabilities? We have been playing sports for the disabled. When we reach it, we have a say in world football, both disabled, hearing impaired, special athletes and visually impaired. ” I used a phrase.

To celebrate the success of Etimesgut Beledyespor, who won the Amputee Football Champions League, Erdem said: “When Etimesgut takes first place in Europe, this will be reflected in the national team. Congratulations and applause to the Mayor of Etimesgut, his administration and everyone who supports our sports club. It is a great honor to be a European champion of a very important organization. “ Expressed his opinion.

“As a TFF, we will continue to support you.”

The disabled soccer team explained that they had camp at the Hasandan National Team Camp and Training Center in Riva before the championship to participate, and Eldem continued:

“They live in the office where our national football team camps and train here. We go to many tournaments and travel from here when we go to ceremonies in Europe and around the world. We have always awarded the financial national team a success. The Amputee national team has become the European champion. As a TFF, we have awarded about 3 million lira. Gifts to private athletes and others We also encourage successful national teams as well. The visually impaired will compete in the European Championships as the Turkish Football Federation, but at least they will have to pay for their travel expenses to ensure morale. You may come to and meet with famous athletes in the camp. Admire them and we prayfully travel with them. TFF is a financially and morally impaired football player. Next door. Those children really deserve all sorts of support. If they make that sacrifice, it is our duty to contribute more to them. We will continue to support as the Turkish Football Association. I will do it. “

Eldem wishes Turkey’s success in participating in the European Football Championship for the Blind in Italy in June, and their greatest wish to become the champion of the Amputee Football World Championship national team. Said that. It will be hosted by Turkey from September 30th to October 9th. He added.

“Soccer for the disabled intertwined with society”

Ömer Gürsoy, President of the TFF Coordinating Committee for Persons with Disabilities, said the committee was established in 2006 with the major goal of supporting football for the disabled.

Explained that by strategically working with the Sports Federation for the Physically Handicapped, the Sports Federation for the Hearing, the Sports Federation for the Visually Impaired, and the Special Athletes Sports Federation, we have embarked on the goal of making football for the disabled a global brand. , Gürsoy said: Faced with a truly global brand of disabled football. ” Said.

Gürsoy said he acted within the “Turkey Plays Football” project with the slogan “Love for football knows no obstacles”. “But one of the starting points for doing these was” run if you don’t have legs, scream if you don’t have a voice, and create if you don’t have hope. ” Here, the Turkish Football Federation has worked with the Federation of Sports for the Disabled to tell the story of people who run without their feet, score goals without looking, and create without hope. “ He said.

Gürsoy explained the role of TFF in this collaboration as follows:

“There is a good statement from a Chinese thinker: you make a jug out of mud, it is the sky inside that makes it useful.” The Turkish Football Federation is not the raw material that makes up this jug, and the raw material is not the Turkish Football Federation. This is the completely disabled community itself, and this success is perfect. However, for this jug to be useful, the jug needs a gap to hold the water. Our cooperation in thinking of us as a TFF has a modest role, and we undertake that gap task very well, promising that the two handles of the jug will someday return to the cup. People who can see the voices participating in the Olympics and one European Championship, the European Championship and two Paralympic games, and Down Syndrome athletes both became European champions and became the third in the world … The most important thing is that the disabled soccer is very intertwined. Meet the society, meet the society and become a part of Turkey through the disabled soccer. The platform was created by solving the problems of people with disabilities. “

The entire TFF family has been successful in working with the Federation of Sports for the Disabled in addition to financial support in communication, sponsorship, Riva camps, physical support and, most importantly, in this process for 16 years. I emphasized that. The year and his words conclude with:

“Our president may have played football for the first time in Külliye with people with Down Syndrome. As far as I can remember, he accepted a ruthless national team and other disabled national teams. The Development of Soccer for the Disabled Last year, our film about “15 Years of Soccer for the Disabled” was very effective and was widely featured in the media. Our Minister of Youth Sports, Mehmet Kasapoğlu, also participated in the film. Thank you for their support. Heroes are the disabled soccer players themselves and their communities, and I congratulate them too. “