Turkey’s first solo mountaineer reaches 59th summit on Mount Irgaz

The 50-year-old Turkey’s first and only solo alpinist Erdek Cennet, famous for his climbing, is the highest mountain in the Turkish state within the framework of the “81 Cities 81 Summits Solo Climbing Anatolian Leopard Title” project. Climb to the top of. At the end of the project, Eldek aims to climb to the top of the highest mountain in 81 states and earn the title of “Anatolian Leopard”. After climbing Mount Drazler Kemerli at an altitude of 1,100 meters in Bartın and completing the 58th summit, Senette finally climbed Mount Irgaz. Senette, who came to complete the 59th climb on Mount Irgaz on the border between Cankırı and Kastamonu, climbed the summit of Kuchukhasset at an altitude of 2,546.

He collects stones from every mountain he climbs.

Climbing the various high-altitude mountains of Turkey’s 59 states, Erdek Sennet takes stones from the tops that are reminiscent of his project. Cennet makes the climb immortal by displaying the climb second.

Cennet: “My project is the first in the history of mountaineering.”

“My project” 81 Provinces 81 Provinces 81 Summit Solo Climbing Anatolian Leopard Title “is the first project, said Erdec Senette, who said the” 81 Provinces 81Summits Solo Climbing Anatolian Leopard Title “project is the first project in mountaineering history. This is a project to give a title in the history of mountaineering. My project is to give the solo alpinist the title of “Anatolia Leopard” to the top of the highest mountain in 81 states. This is Turkey’s broadest framework project for the highlands of Alpinism. In this project, we are climbing alone to the top of the highest mountain in 81 states. Today, within the framework of my project, I am in the 59th state of Kastamonu. My 59th summit is the Ilgaz Mountain Küçük Hacet Summit, which is 2,546 meters above sea level. I’ve reached the top. Before starting this project, I achieved more than 450 summits, of which at least 60 were held in 81 states.

“We are extracting roads and route records for routes that have no track record.”

Erdek Senette emphasized that many of Turkey’s mountains have no track record of trucks and routes, and said he wanted to be a pioneer of alpinists who would create tracks and routes for trucks and summit after him. Appeal to everyone else. Our tourist destinations such as mountaineering and extreme sports. Introducing the mountains. Many mountains in our country do not have maps of roads or trails. Framework for this project For the first time in our country, we have recorded the route traces of the summits of 81 states. There are 2,343 mountains in our country. “

“I will start the route in the village at the bottom of the summit for social, economic and cultural exchange.”

“I usually start the route from the village at the bottom of the mountain. I’ve been in the framework of this project since the solo alpinist,” Sennett noted that he decided to start the route at the village at the bottom of the mountain. A person starts a route from that village and has a social, economic and cultural relationship with the inhabitants of the village that starts the route. There are other projects and titles related to the highlands, our country and others. The highlands of the nations are working hard to earn these titles. Having the title of “Anatolia Leopard” in our country also creates great potential for highland climbing. My project will add value to our country. In this context, I will introduce you to our state and the magnificent nature and mountains of our state. I already have a track record, so anyone can find a safe place. By tracing my route achievements, I can reach the summit from the route start area, reach the route start area again, and experience the splendor. “

“The first thing I have achieved is the first in the history of mountaineering in Turkey.”

He added that his first climb was the first in Turkey’s mountaineering history, Cennet added: Within the framework of my project, I achieved my first achievement by staying at 5,137 meters of Mount Ararat with 11% oxygen for 3 days and 2 nights. As a highland mountain in various regions and states, we have achieved mountain peaks three times in three states in one day, twice in one day, and five times in five days. The first thing I noticed within the framework of my project was the first in the history of mountaineering in Turkey, “he said.