“Turkey weightlifting will be the world’s role model”-TRTSpor

President Ünlü, a guest at AA Sports Talks, said the European Championship medals were the result of the hard work of weightlifters.k, “I hope each of our athletes wins gold medals in all weight categories and lets all national anthems sing in all weight categories, but this is not possible. The future goal is to sing the national anthem. To have. I played in many weight classes. ” He said.

Ünlü said, noting that they follow the world weightlifting very well. “I participated in the junior, senior and star world championships almost one after another. I got very good medals from everyone. The level of athletes in the world is very close. There are various reasons for this. We I’m working on it.” Said.

Ünlü said that the issue that has been a sensitive focus of the Ministry of Youth and Sports since 2005 is “zero tolerance for doping”.As a federal and provincial ministry, we are taking very serious steps in this regard. This year, we broke new ground and held a doping seminar for athletes’ families. They were very well received abroad. They are really grateful for our work.‘ He said.

Keeping in mind that weightlifting brings great hope for the future, Ünlü said: “It’s been a huge success in the past. The late Naim Sreymanoul and Haril Mutru, who won the Olympics three times …” From now on, we’re working on planning, programming, and board-based protocols in solid steps. increase. And college. I think we will enjoy the results of this. “ I used the phrase.

“Turkic Republic Cup” is planned by weightlifting

Ünlü says he plans to host the Turkish Stars Championship in Bartın over the weekend and has received more than 600 applications so far.

Ünlü points out that interest in weightlifting in Turkey is increasing day by day, and Ünlü reports that the Turkish Olympic Preparation Center, like all branches, offers an important opportunity for weightlifting infrastructure. He said he was starting to get sick.

He is in his 45th year as a weightlifting athlete, trainer and manager.“Looking at our hall, a very nice facility has been built in recent years. The Ministry of Youth and Sports and the city of Altındağ have given us a beautiful hall. Thanks to them. Our facility. Is beautiful. Our encouragement and support is in good condition given by us. They do not impose any restrictions on us. On the contrary, it is very big. There is support. ” I made a statement.

“We have held a protocol meeting with Kazakhstan. We will hold a mutual camp. After that, we plan to expand it extensively as the” Turkic Council “. ” famous, “We also talked to the Balkan countries. We have brought the Balkan Championship back to the agenda. I am confident that a very good project will be born. We are also considering a protocol with the Republic of Northern Cyprus. The same is true for TRNC.” He said.
Pointing out that Turkey is at a very good time in supporting athletes around the world, Unryu said he had a supper with Austrian athletes at the last Stars World Championships and how their state made them. I asked if you support it. Week camp. There is no other support. He got the answer and said he invited them to Turkey.

-“No worries about the 2024 Paris Olympics”

Regarding the plans for the 2028 and 2032 Olympics after the 2024 Paris Olympics, Unryu said:The period until the 2024 Paris Olympics is short. We have come here to succeed. There are successful young talents such as athletes Muhammed Furkan Ozbek and Nurai Gungor who participated in the last Olympics, background athletes Dilara Narin, Aisel Ozkan, Ferdi Hardal and Yusuf Femi Genchi. It takes time to count them all. We have a seriously successful infrastructure. ” I used the phrase.

Ünlü said the weight lifters plan to improve their performance individually each time they go to the Olympics. “I’m not worried about the 2024 Paris Olympics. By the grace of God, we get quotas and medals from them, but my biggest goal is the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. Because we are seriously preparing there. The number of children competing with young people and stars for 2028, centered on the Olympics. I think we will be more successful. ” Expressed his opinion.

-Influence of Naim Süleymanoğlu on Turkish weightlifting

Naim Sreymanoul emphasized that he was an unforgettable idol of Turkish weightlifting, and Unryu continued his words:

“After the arrival of Naim Sreymanour in Turkey, during the 1988 Seoul Olympics, all streets were quiet, buses, minibuses and taxis stopped, and everybody in every coffee shop and house. I saw Naim Sreymanoul on the screen. Naim Sreymanoul’s 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul Turkey Weight Raising The big awakening began after his success. Haril Mutru came after him. Tanel Saar Nurkan Tyran became the Olympic champion. Turkey’s weight-raising marked the 2004 Athens Olympics. Sedat Altus finished third in the Olympics and nine years later received the Reyhan Alabachor bronze medal. This is beautiful. “

In appreciation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports’ support, Foreign Minister Mevrut Chabshuol also called him and added that he was congratulated, adding that the ambassador had never left a player alone in an overseas championship.