Turkey vs Georgia match: scandalous night in Tbilisi – Basketball News


The national men’s basketball team, who will be competing in the FIBA ​​2022 European Championship, lost to Georgia by a score of 88-83 after the second extra time. The Crescent Star team, along with his five-team of Shane Larkin, Bugrahan Tancer, Sedi Osman, Erkan Osmani and Alperen Shengyun, started the struggle which took place at the Tbilisi Arena. The national team ended the first half with a score of 36-33, but regular time ended with a tie of 68-68. When the first overtime ended with his 75–75 tie, the second overtime started. After this episode played baskets against each other, Georgia came out the winner with her 88-83 advantage.

Furkan Korkmaz and Sanadze disqualified

An argument erupted between opposing teams Furkan Korkmaz and Duda Sanadze in the final stretch of regular time with 4:48 remaining. After a lengthy discussion, players and referees from both teams stepped in and separated the two players. The referee then disqualified Furkan Korkmaz and Duda Sanadze following the tension.

announced the attack

The crescent team suffered their first loss in the third game with this score, but Omer Onan, general coordinator of the Turkish Basketball Federation, said players and conditioners were attacked in the locker room after Furkan Korkmaz was kicked out. announced.

A break from OMER ONAN to FIBA


Onan said, “Call FIBA ​​from here. They’ll bring every camera in that hallway in front of us in minutes. If they don’t, we’ll be out of the tournament. We “They brought the cameras in front of us and we’ll see it. It’s worth it. We also played tournaments. We’ve never had anything like this before.” It was all FIBA’s fault! However, there is no host.

Of that moment, Onan said, “After the game was over, the players who weren’t playing came attacking us in the hallway. The police claimed to protect us, but they I’ve become a player, I haven’t seen anything. FIBA ​​is fully responsible for this.”


Our writer Gökhan German rated both the event and the match with these words:

I watched a game presented by the Japanese national team in Tbilisi. We played badly in Montenegro and Bulgaria, but managed to win, but this time it didn’t. In Georgia, Bitazde was injured during the tournament after the team’s star Shengelia. There may be a lot to write about the match, but the events that happened preceded the match.After a fight between Furkan and Sanadze, both players were kicked out.Georgia on the way to the locker room Sanaze attacked our players with the players who couldn’t put them in the team. The incident was prevented by the intervention of security guards, so the hallway of the dressing room was once again disrupted towards the end of the match. Georgian police blocked off the national team players and federation officials from both sides and tried to force them into the locker room.

‘We will be pulled out of the championship’

After the match, TBF Vice President Omer Onan delivered a message saying, “The locker room images will be deleted. If not presented, we will withdraw from the championship.” The minute was showing 4.48. During the battle the clock ticked and stopped at 4.26. National team officials disagreed during and at the end of the match. The match was 22 seconds short. There is an obvious rule error. But this championship… you have to repeat the game, but on what day are they going to do it? Everywhere you look, it’s up to you.

We spent the opportunity ZÖMERT

A series of scandals broke out in Tbilisi. The match was… easy to break the game after leading 29-19. But both turnovers, especially Larkin, and the fact that despite the vacant positions, players made the wrong choice instead of shooting gave Georgia hope. They kept the game by fighting it out with fan support and a few referee decisions. After he led 74-62 in overtime, we squandered opportunities again. After two or three wrong selections, Georgia once again tied the game… the game ended in his second overtime. This one might have been better. Teams react after these events and start playing more aggressively and energetically. Otherwise, it will be difficult to work with the remaining two games.