Turkey-Israel Dance as a Russian Neighbor

Prior to President Herzog’s visit, the Israeli minister replied, “It will be like a hedgehog lover,” when asked about the speed at which relations with Turkey improve. Israeli Defense Minister greeted the visit while Herzog was having dinner with President Erdogan in Bestepe on Wednesday evening, saying that efforts to rebuild relations stem from the need to maintain stability in the world and the Middle East. Stated. In other words, things go much faster than “hedgehog sexual activity”.

During Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the West built all the bridges with Moscow, and both Macron and Scholz became leaders who sought Putin as the other side of the struggle. Since China and India were not substitutes for the West, only Turkey and Israel remained and could communicate with both Putin and Zelensky without participating in the sanctions caravan.

Turkey and Israel had to follow prudent policies on behalf of ongoing military operations in Syria, not because they praised Putin’s eyebrows. Recognizing the need, Washington did not leave both countries unlicensed until yesterday. Interestingly, yesterday, while Herzog flew to Turkey, Israeli US embassy officials told reporters, “We expect all allies to participate in sanctions.”

For the United States and the European Union, being able to talk to Russia and Ukraine is just as important as getting a Russian energy card. Again, the major countries are Turkey and Israel. The easiest way to supply Israeli gas to the western market is via Turkey. The United States has launched the East Med project, which includes Israel-Greece-Southern Cyprus. Since the construction process takes at least seven years, no gas fields worth mining in the area designated by South Cyprus as an economically exclusive area have yet been discovered. Inducing tensions in the eastern Mediterranean, he took his last step. Improving relations between Turkey and Israel could rapidly evolve to another point by including Greece in the process. Since 2007, there is already a natural gas pipeline between Turkey and Greece. Israeli gas can reach the European Union via the Greek-Italian route via Turkey.

There is a very important point to note here. Michael Wirth, CEO of US energy company Chevron, said in a speech at the CERA Week energy conference on Monday that rising gas costs in Europe have stimulated conversations about the EastMed pipeline. East Med was a political project, not an economic project. It will surround Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean and reduce Russia’s dependence on gas. Turkey did not allow siege in the Eastern Mediterranean, making it even more important for the United States and the EU to exclude Russia from the system. The speed of improvement in relations between Turkey and Israel is important not only for both parties, but for the West as a whole.

Israel told Greece that it would improve relations with Turkey while not disrupting its cooperation with Greece. However, this was the position before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Israel, which improves relations with Turkey, may prefer to continue its path by adding it to the game rather than defeating Greece. Western nations with soaring gas costs will not allow Greece to resist this problem.

A prerequisite for the proper functioning of this global scenario was the improvement of relations between Turkey and Israel. Early Thursday morning, I wrote a message to Presidential spokesperson Ibrahim Karin asking what was going on in the talks. Two minutes later, the reply was “Yesterday’s meeting was very good,” and a summary of the Israeli Defense Minister’s statement was released just hours ago. My second question is, “Did Turkey make a concession to the dissertation?” It happened. The answer was, “Turkey’s position and sensibility for Palestine, the two-state solution, Jerusalem and Masjid Al-Aqsa were expressed at the highest level.”

Even the fresh statement of the Israeli Defense Minister, which was added to the answer early on, is an important indicator of how Turkey is studying its lessons.

Let’s go to Greece. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine adversely affects the relationship between Athens and Ankara, as it benefits Turkey, according to 53% of the Greeks surveyed by the abacus for Alpha TV. Our lives will be much easier if our neighbors understand that what is in favor of Turkey can be in favor of Greece at the same time.

Load of hatred

Science defines misanthropy as a state of hatred for all.

The state of hating one person has no name, but the idea that it is a burden to the hater and not something to hate is accepted.

Keep in mind those who have the weapon of hatred in all areas, from rivals to political opinions.