“Turkey is an ideal country for mediation between Russia and Ukraine”: Rutte praised Erdogan in Ankara, according to Dutch media

  • Yusuf Ozkan
  • The Hague, Netherlands

sauce, Getty Images

The visit of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to Ankara for the first time in 10 years was seen by the Dutch press as an important step in relieving tensions between the two countries since 2017.

According to Dutch media, past diplomatic tensions are now over. Rutte’s visit was also an opportunity for Erdogan, who was trying to reconnect with the West, noting that Turkey could play an important role in stopping the ongoing war in Ukraine, according to the media.

The official visit of Prime Minister Rutte to Ankara on Tuesday, his last visit to Turkey in 2012, was widely reported in the Dutch media.

Public broadcaster NOS announced under the heading “Rutte praised Erdogan for his efforts to end the war in Ukraine”, and Dutch Prime Minister Rutte’s visit to Ankara will be held on Thursday at the NATO summit. Said marked by.