Turkey is a country of sports.

Dr. Youth Sports Minister Mehmet Muharlem Casapogurupresident Recep Tayyip Erdogan Keeping in mind that they have raised the standard of Turkey’s sport and have made great efforts to make Turkey a sporting country for 20 years. “Turkey can be said to be a” country of sports. ” There are technical possibilities as we reach them and our achievements in sports. We are the preferred country of international organizations. “ Said.

Minister Kasapo─člu attended the opening ceremony of the University League (UNILIG) in Afyonkarahisar, where 131 universities compete in 10 branches. Professor Dr. Casapol and the Governor attended the ceremony at the Sports Hall. Gokmen Cicek, Members of the Protocol, members of the Protocol, citizens, mainly young people attended. The program began with a parade of UNILIG athletes competing in various branches. The parade ceremony, dressed in colorful costumes, was applauded by the participants.

Governor Chichek, who gave the program’s opening speech after various sporting performances such as folk dance and gymnastics, said he was justified in hosting such an event on the 100th anniversary of the triumphal victory.

“Cities that lead independence also host great conferences for the future.”

Minister Casapol, who made a speech at the end of the program, said the UNILIG finals will take place in Afyon. This is another beauty.Minister Casapogul “Afyon, which crosses the heart as well as the road, has now brought together Turkish youth through these conventions. Thus, the city, a pioneer of independence, also hosts a wonderful conference for the future of our country. On this occasion, from Afyonkarahisar, the main and important city of the national struggle, you and all of our youth will congratulate you in advance of your youth week. From here in Turkey All youth and all members of our beloved country. Participate in the celebration of Ataturk Anniversary, Youth and Sports Day on May 19th, held in 81 states. He said.

“We have prevented Turkish sports from getting stuck between several branches.”

Under the leadership of President Legep Typ Erdogan, Minister Casapol said he has made great efforts for 20 years to raise the standard of Turkey’s sport and make Turkey a sporting country.

“Turkey can be said to be a” country of sports. ” There are technical possibilities as we reach them and our achievements in sports. We are a preferred country for international organizations. We prevented Turkish sports from getting caught between several branches. And thank God for being at a record level in a branch that has never trained athletes. We contacted the talented children of the area with “talent scans”, “10000 crucibles” and “no swimmers left”. We stood beside them in the gym, tennis courts, pools and sports facilities. We have brought all the opportunities of our state with children in every corner of the country. “

“We have always believed in the children of this country.”

Recalling that they made an important move in the field of sports for young people, Minister Casapol said: “We have implemented an innovative application of’school or sports’for athletes who had to quit college education and with sportsman scholarships. We have made a history of dilemmas. We did it for you. Our greatest motive is your happiness. Our greatest goal is to see you achieve your dreams and ideals. We have always believed in the children of this country. We know what you can do when given the opportunity. Here, opportunity, space and time are you, young people. The square is yours “ He said. (UAV)