Turkey has succeeded in what the Western nations could not do.

Ambassador Ankara Bodner emphasized the importance of Turkey in a meeting with Moscow. Bodner talked about Zelensky’s proposal for Istanbul.

Turkey continues its diplomatic efforts to achieve a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine.

At the direction of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, an important summit was held in Antalya under the auspices of Foreign Minister Mevrut Chabshoul.

The summit was attended by Russian Foreign Minister Sergeń≠ Viklov and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

In appreciation of the summit meeting in Antalya, Ukrainian Ambassador Ankara Vasily Bodner said she was grateful to Turkey for hosting the meeting.

Praise to Turkey: He succeeded in the failure of the West

Pointing out Ankara’s efforts to resolve the crisis, Bodner said, “Turkey has achieved what the Western nations could not achieve. It sees this meeting as the beginning of the process and waits for the outcome of the process in question. During the negotiation process, it insisted on the creation of a humanitarian corridor, but the Russian side still We are evaluating it and have not yet given an official answer.

Humanitarian corridor

The Ukrainian and Turkish sides have agreed to end bloodshed and create a humanitarian corridor. However, it is also our choice for the Russian army to withdraw from our country and end the war of aggression they are continuing. It is out of the question for Ukraine to abandon or accept the end result proposed by Russia. I hope it will be a prerequisite for a high-level event in the future. ” Said.

Zelensky’s proposal for Istanbul

After the summit meeting in Antalya, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky are said to meet within the scope of the negotiations.

Bodner, about the possibility of a meeting “This issue was highlighted at the tripartite conference in Antalya. We also discussed the composition of the conference, especially through Turkey. Since the beginning of the war, the places where missiles have been launched and planes have taken off. , Our president could be a meeting place. He was also talking about Istanbul.

Focus on Ukrainian soil integrity

But location is not so important. The important thing is to reach an agreement here on the end of the war. It is especially important to initiate peaceful negotiations on the resolution of the various problems that exist between Ukraine and Russia. Of course, no one would negotiate Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. “ He said.

Ukrainian Ambassador Bodner: Turkey Achieves Western Countries' Failure # 2

“We are open to complete negotiations”

“It’s better to have a conversation than to point guns at each other.” Bodner said:

“Unfortunately we have to negotiate under Russian missiles and bombs that kill children and women. Russia wants to put pressure on Ukraine through terrorist activities, but the Ukrainian people and the president You can see how unwavering they are in protecting their independence.

We resist and are confident that we deserve our position in Europe, so we can accept full-scale negotiations. We have to do that too. There can be no ultimatum.

Ukrainian Ambassador Bodner: Turkey has achieved the failure of Western nations # 3

“We do not give our resistance”

From our point of view, we were ready to continue this interview format. Our most important desire is not only to be held, but also to make the conference in question fruitful. The Russian side needs to be ready to solve some problems and problems. Frankly, we will not give in to the ultimatum. We do not give up resistance. They bomb peaceful cities and private infrastructure without being involved in the negotiation process.

“We want Russian troops to withdraw from Ukraine as soon as possible.”

In this case, the whole world should answer “I will not support terrorists.” We call on the whole world to stop cooperating with the Kremlin’s terrorist regime. On the one hand, we continue to protect ourselves, and on the other hand, we continue the negotiation process. Our request is for Russian troops to withdraw from Ukraine as soon as possible. “