Turkey can be a production base!It’s worth $ 23 billion

“If Turkey is an EU member state, it will be the third largest production base of the Union,” said Ribio Manzini, chairman of the Italian Chamber of Commerce. President Ahmet Brak Dahlol of the Presidential Investment Bureau also said that the commerce relationship between Italy and Turkey is balanced.

Investment potential, business opportunities, legal proceedings and disputes in all three countries were discussed in the Turkey, Italy and US Trade, Investment and Arbitration Panels. “The strong relationship between Italy and Turkey dates back to the Ottoman Empire. These relationships have gradually increased over the last few centuries. The cooperation of bankers in Florence and the Ottoman Empire, Rome,” said Giorgio Malapodi, the Italian ambassador to Ankara. Istanbul, which has continued for centuries, continues today. We believe in Turkey’s strategic strength, potential, importance to Europe, and the future of its close relationship with Italy. Turkey has a young population Many have invested heavily in education. It is also the gateway to the middle of Europe. East. The centuries-old personal relationship and bridge “Turkey’s position and importance is always it. It shows that it has a strong economic and political relationship with the world. The importance of international trade and communication tools such as energy and telecommunications is increasing day by day. We must provide the initiative. We must provide investors with effective tools to solve their problems. ”

“If Turkey were an EU member state, it would be the Union’s third largest production center.”

President Ribio Manzini of the Italian Chamber of Commerce emphasized that the amount of bilateral trade between Turkey and Italy has increased to $ 23 billion. “If Turkey is an EU member state, Turkey will be the EU’s third largest production base,” Manzini said. This represents 36% of Turkey’s trade. Investment also needs to be considered. The entry of foreign investment into Turkey has reached a good point. Italy ranks third in foreign investment in Turkey, with nearly 5 billion industrial investments. First, America Europe, including the United States, wants to break away from China. Loyalty to Turkey has reached an astonishing rate and the supply chain has been damaged by the pandemic, increasing trade demand from neighboring regions. The points we should pay attention to are the United States and the EU. Since this is a production base, it can also be reached. Other Potential Countries These include Africa, the Middle East, Iraq and Azerbaijan. Turkey will be the main production base. As I said, Germany is currently the largest production base in Europe. Italy is second. If Turkey is a member of the European Union, it will be the third country in this ranking. The land, people and industrial infrastructure are suitable for this. As long as there is an environment in which foreign investors can see their way. ”

“We are advancing to become the center of the region for production and logistics.”

President Ahmet Brak Dahlol of the Presidential Investment Bureau also said that the commerce relationship between Italy and Turkey is balanced. “Turkey’s long-term economic success and involvement in the international supply chain are questionable. Many sectors, including the industrial, chemical, food and beverage sectors, operate in sync with world trade,” said Dağlıoğlu. Amazon’s $ 100 million investment in Turkey “This is just one example. This situation clearly shows that Turkey is becoming a power center in the region as a logistics and production hub. Financial investors too. Increasing. Emerging companies continue to attract and invest in investment from international giants. With Turkish technology. ”