TTB’s reaction to Erdogan: “Let me go”: He will go in 2023

Ankara-Doctors responded to the use of the phrase “let me go” to doctors who went abroad or turned to the private sector because of the difficulties President Tayyip Erdogan experienced. Professor, Secretary-General of the Turkish Medical Association (TTB). “They’re leaving in 2023 and we’ll stay. People over the billions of dollars blame doctors for greed,” said Dr. Vedat Bulut.

“Both Kenan Evren and the town’s politicians have made similar decisions,” said Dr. Vedat Brutt, professor of TTB. I’ve seen it before. ” Referencing President Erdogan’s statement that the state is training doctors, Brutt said, “These young people are in the 1 percent range. They are high-intelligence level children. Their families raise these children. Their families are also paying for their education. The president himself knows how to make property. He lives over billions of dollars, “the doctor accuses of being greedy. increase. The new doctor will receive a salary of 5,500 TL. Previously, students stayed in the same house. Currently, the three assistants are in the same house. Not to mention the retired doctor. This statement hurt us. But in the 2023 election, they will go and we will stay. “

“We don’t go anywhere, we were here, we are here, we stay here”

The TTB Central Council also responded to Erdogan with a statement, “We haven’t moved anywhere! We were here, we are here, we will stay here.” did.

President Erdogan’s words are “a sign of a crisis of being out of control from start to finish,” TTB said.

“As the Turkish Medical Association, we have revealed all the problems and loss of rights of the struggle program that we have begun to say:” We darken the white of the apron, our personal rights, And protect people from their right to health.

“Everything we stayed”

“We are doctors. We have been here since the history of medicine. We are here today,” TTB said, responding to Erdogan on behalf of all doctors.

“As a prestigious member of the profession dedicated to society, we strive to provide people with our labor, knowledge and experience based on years of education and professional experience.
For years, state leaders who say “tie doctors to trees and don’t run away”, town politicians who say “doctors are hungry for food”, and “paying doctors” Make a noise. ” Everything is gone and we are left. Our profession and our professional honor remained. I’m not going anywhere today. As yesterday, we will stay in this land, help the weak, cure the helpless, fight death and illness, and distribute health and healing. We do not stop demanding our country, our profession, or of course ours. We will be attending the G (Ö) REV on March 14-15 to counter people who are trying to hurt our work, profession and future at all medical institutions in all states. Together that day, we will give the necessary answers to these words. ”


Dr. Samet Mengus, a member of the TTB Violence Working Group, has summarized using the expressions that President Erdogan expects. “The president sees everyone who makes discourses that don’t suit him as an enemy and takes that attitude. The president shouldn’t. If doctors have problems, they try to solve them. These statements make us sad. “Actions that don’t care about the understanding of scientists and medicine. Especially during the pandemic, the president’s words to doctors can never be. The president deliberately does this. He is a predator of controversy and limitations. It’s a very sad situation for doctors. “

From CHP to ERDOĞAN: State management is not serious

Vice-Chair CHP and Vice-Chair Istanbul Fethi Açıkel also responded to President Erdogan’s remarks about doctors working abroad and continuing to pursue professions abroad. As CHP, they point out that they have long been in the spotlight for the lack of strategic planning in the healthcare system, structural problems, the resignation of healthcare professionals due to expert dissatisfaction, and the increasing tendency for brain outflow abroad. Açıkel emphasized that: Healthy brain exhaustion is experienced by nurses after doctors.

Açıkel states that economic expectations are not the only reason for the brain drain. .. President Erdogan’s criticism as a doctor’s target is not suitable for the seriousness of the state government, as if there were no health violence, poor reputation, or work-life problems. Moreover, these statements have made great strides and reached a certain point since the first few years of the Republic, which is in line with our health system. It was also a direct indicator of why the deepening problems remained unresolved, which arose due to the understanding of the palace’s rent. “

Caramoor Laor: Doctors don’t get up easily, whether Erdogan understands it or not.

President Erdogan said he used words that shouldn’t be said about doctors, and Sardet’s Prime Minister Temel Caramoor responded to Erdogan in a post shared on a social media account. Karamollaoğlu continued his words with the following words:

“Instead of admitting not to bring into Congress regulations, including salaries, additional payments, and pension increases for healthcare workers who promised to be discussed in Congress after the budget, they are almost assassinating their reputation. Why are these opportunities hidden from the people in the dormitory if they are offered the opportunity to ensure the return of those who have gone abroad? In fact, if these opportunities exist, why are the previous opportunities? Did they go abroad and cause spectators? And if they had the opportunity to ensure that those who went abroad returned home, why would they be hidden from the people in their current dormitory? If so, why are you hiding from those who went abroad ?? He was sent abroad and watched over. Sorry for no one! A nation that threatens instead of giving confidence to its citizens. How do you provide high-quality medical care? Meanwhile, Erdogan and his government have a hard time coming doctors, whether they understand or not! Need to show. With the efforts they show. Differences in the wages they receive should be eliminated. We must absolutely stop trying to intimidate, rather than protect those who protect our health! “


Idris Shahin, a spokesperson for the DEVA party, was one of the names that responded to President Erdogan’s words to medical workers, “Let me go.” “You destroyed the rule of law while building the Palace of Justice.

“The president’s words to our health care workers,” Let them go when they leave, “feared us all. Even in the midst of a pandemic, he values ​​concrete, not people. In 2019, about 45 percent of the Ministry of Health transferred medical budgets to labor costs, which increased to 42 percent in 2020 and 2021. In Turkey it decreased to 34%. This resource did not evaporate. Transferred to construction projects, goods and service costs, rent and actual costs. Real estate costs. The investment was made in concrete, not people. Resources allocated to municipal hospitals were not allocated to public care and medical personnel. The president is still proud of concrete. We are calling to him: it wasn’t enough while you were building the Palace of Justice that broke the rules. You built an airport and gave hope to young people on international flights, which wasn’t enough. Now you are destroying the medical system with the construction of a hospital. “”

UYSAL: This country doesn’t deserve this evil

Democratic Chairman Gultekin Weisal also responded to Erdogan. In his statement on social media accounts, Uysal said, “This country is not so bad !!! You might think that the AKP party program says” EVIL “in the” Purpose “section.” Said. (News Center)