“Trust is the most important thing in Turkish football”-TRTSpor


Büyükekşi said he has made innovative decisions on some of the most important issues since he took office. “One of our most important decisions was about the representatives. We will take specific action. As management, we have decided on the reorganization of the representation structure and the criteria for starting work. We have relocated the report according to the UEFA criteria. The representative will submit a report to the system immediately after the match. This period has been decided to be 2 hours after the end of the Super League match organization. All you need is trust. You need to recover it. ”Use the phrase Did.

Mehmet Büyükekşi emphasized that he received complaints about alleged tampering with typical reports: “This is why we attach great importance to digitization and timeliness. We need to show trust, justice, equality and transparency. There is. I will execute all the applications one by one. One. Your report is very important. In these reports we have to make the decisions of other agencies. “” I We also run tests that apply to our representative referees. What’s missing, “he said.

President Buyukekushi recalled that each of the three representatives had participated in the tournament, “I decided to combine field and press representatives. One of the representatives works in the stadium’s watchroom. He is all in the stadium. You can see the part. The stadium is very simple. Our system is also actively used in Riva. Reports are produced accordingly. In the system we call the secret representative, with me Several matches known only to the chairman of the board of directors are audited separately. The aim is to establish this system and improve performance. All boards need to be more valuable. We believe that we can have a very profitable new season. We have also reorganized the rewards and allowances for the match. You are the 100th representative. Our Republic Anniversary. Correspondingly Please act. I wish you a good season. “

Özsavaş: “We will benefit from artificial intelligence testing on booking.”

Gökhan Özsavaş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TFF, said he aims to provide a reliable environment by maximizing the performance of representatives during the 2022-2023 season.


Özsavaş said he had integrated representative reports within the UEFA standards and said of the arrangements to be made for the new season:

“We are ready to send a report to the football management system two hours after the match is organized. We will utilize technical support. We will use artificial intelligence tests to appoint representatives. Education, sports history, computer hardware. Benefits from recruiting representatives, such as clothing, physical fitness, and management experience. Classification. Evaluation will be conducted in November. Representatives will receive face-to-face training. Announced and unannounced inspections will be conducted. We have representatives in the camera room and dominate the entire process of the tournament. Our representatives are very successful and respected people in their profession. They are our federation. Thanks for the representative family and the wonderful work. “

Leading seminars on top-class federation security and certification and classification will end tomorrow.