Trophy collector coach to Fenerbahcebeco-TRTSpor

Fenerbahcebeko, who had been excluded from the playoffs for the first time in eight years in the Turkish Airlines Europa League last season and had an unusual performance, replaced Serbian Sasha Jorjevic with Kokoskov, as he remembers. Fenerbahcebeco’s management, which has already begun a new season, is trying to bring a name familiar to the Turks to the top of the team, not a Serbian coach. The best staff in the league on paper. Take a look at the interesting and highly successful careers of the Greek coach, a trophy collector who has experienced many turning points in his career with the Turkish and Turkish teams.

Scars of Obradovich

The Greek head coach, who served as Obradvich’s assistant coach for 12 years, won the 5 EuroLeague Cup at Panathinaikos between 1999 and 2012, achieving one of the greatest success stories in European basketball history. Like Obradvich, he is one of the best coaches in Europe, playing fast and aggressive set games.

Bandurma Bambit Year

As you can remember, the Greek coach, whose relationship with Turkish basketball began in Bambit in 2013, was a huge success by not losing the game during the season, and for the first time during this time the European giant radar. I got into.

Two Euroleague titles at CSKA Moscow

The Russian team, which was excluded from the playoffs with Ettore Messina for the first time in 10 years in 2014, one of the European basketball turning dates, brought in Bambit’s young coach Itoudis. The previous team, and it was an amazing move by everyone. Leaving Turkey, where he first appeared in his European career, Greek coaches have won the sympathy of all prejudiced and impartial Turkish fans. It is also a habit of history that he won both EuroLeague finals as a head coach against our national team.

He played against former teacher Zeljko Obradovic for the first time in the final of the day when he just took over in 2016. The Greek coach managed to lift the first EuroLeague trophy of his career at Cska Moscow, scoring 21 points in the match and returning, but in the last second he went to the cup with an obvious foul by Kurbanov. I did. Itoudis, who won another EuroLeague Cup against Anadolu Efes in 2019, is the only coach to beat both nationals in the EuroLeague final.

Seven league titles in CSKA Moscow:

The Greek head coach, who has dominated the league in Russian clubs since 2015, has proved very good with the many trophies he has won here. Coach Itoudis said goodbye to Cska Moscow, who had lost the championship two days ago after Zenit had been eliminated for the first time in a long time and finished the championship streak with a moving speech after the match.

New Structure-Great Expectations:

Contracting with one of Europe’s largest basketball clubs like Fenerbahcebeco is only a matter of time Greek coaches are undoubtedly preparing for a very heavy responsibility again. How the coach of the trophy collector, known for his Turkish-friendly identity, makes corrections in the team is certainly a matter of great curiosity.

We hope that the Yellow and Navy Blue representatives, who have not been able to see Final 4 since 2019 and have been excluded from the playoffs last season, will regain their desired position in Europe as soon as possible with this decision. Regain your longing for success.