Trent: The score wasn’t fair-TRT Spor

Trent made a statement at a press conference in the 30th week of the Sport Super League after an away match with Gaziantep FK.

Trent explained that he had played many games in the last two weeks and came to Gaziantep with a missing player, and lost a right-back player in the last few days, so he has to improvise in these areas. Said it wasn’t.

Torrent said he couldn’t start the match well, but recovered after 20 minutes and said:

“In a game under our control, we admitted two goals from the ball, especially in the last second, the game started to make a few mistakes. Usually the referee is the second. We penalized with a goal and then we had a chance to fight Gomis 2-2. I missed him there so I couldn’t play a bit. Using the counter I knew I was ready, but the grass was very dry. I think a little counterattack is a good tactic in the field. I had a chance to meet the ball between the lines and it worked. I was able to use it and hold the ball more. I had some time, but I could say that there were mistakes and disadvantages in the finish. As a result of the match, I think the result of the two matches was definitely unfair. They have a chance. I think we had a chance too. It’s a game of different styles, but it’s balanced. I was trying to find a gap, but it was a counterattack. He was explosive. We followed the tactics. We plan to finish the check in the best possible way. Over the last 20 days we have had constant matches, training and journeys. 4 days break. My It is speculated that from these four days, he will be healed mentally and physically, and will return stronger with more energy. “

“Thanks to Gomis, I had three chances to score.”

In response to a journalist’s question, “Gomis was late,” Trent said, “I said it was late, but thanks to Gomis, I’ve achieved three goals. And if it’s 2-2, this opinion would probably change. But there’s something in Gomis, that’s the goal. I think I’m against it. “He might have scored three goals, but I can’t say it was bad. (Gomis) is in the penalty area. It’s a constant threat to your opponents. It’s always useful to keep a player with a goal, and Gomis might have thought something different if it was 2-2, but he wasn’t there. I didn’t think so. “

“There is still a lot to do”

When asked by a journalist, “Galatasaray plays differently from home,” he replied:

“The rest really helps because we need a lot. We all have a lot of fatigue. Today, the opposing team scored two goals from the set ball. According to the information I have , This is Europe’s most penalized league. In the last second of the first half, he scored from a stopped ball. Other than that, he said the ball came out in the second half, the position was over, and the referee was over. We stole the penalty. We are also worried. Galatasaray playing away from Istanbul is not the same. The remaining eight games need to be fixed for everyone. , And next year will be another year, so think about it. We need to finish the current year in the best possible way. We still have a lot to do. Whether the team can play with such a high concentration. Should be the same in Barcelona and the Turkish League. “