Trent Galatasaray lodge a complaint with FIFA


Before the new season, Galatrasaray parted ways with Domenech Torrent and agreed with Okan Burg. The bad news came from the Spanish coach.

President Ozbek breaks up with Trent

It was officially announced that the road was cut by Domenek Trent and his team from Galatasaray under the control of Dursun Ozbek. In an informational message created by the people of Yellow and Red, it read: “The contract of director Domenech Trento Font and his assistants Jordi Gris Villa, Jordi Guerrero Costa, Julian Jimenez Serrano and Ricardo Segara Aragai was finished by Galatasaray Sportif Snaibe Ticaret Yatırımlar A.Ş.”.

Sengiz Galatasaray is being charged

Sengiz Galatasaray is being charged

Suspension 158 days

Appointed after splitting with Fatih Terim during his time at Galatasaray as Brac Elmas, Domenek Trent remained leader of the yellow-red team for 158 days. The Spanish coach’s arrival was as eventful as his departure. The yellow-red fans have been unable to show an aggressive approach to both Brac Elmas and Domenech Trent due to their separation process with Fatih Terim.


Here are the rewards paid

Earlier information obtained by Milliyet’s Nevzat Dindar found that the Spanish coach and his team will be paid a total of €2.149 million. The first meeting between the Yellow-Reds and Domenec Torrent yielded no results. Domenec Torrent and his team did not drop him a single euro from the price stated in the contract.

didn’t come to the after party

Dismissal talks between Domenek Trent and Galatasaray staff ended today. His lawyer and manager attended the meeting on behalf of the Spanish coach whose club lawyer was included in the yellow-red team. I understood it.

Complaint to FIFA

Domenek Trent, whose contract has been terminated by Dursun Ozbek’s management, has lodged a complaint against Galatasaray with FIFA. He demanded additional compensation on the grounds that his image rights were damaged along with his debts, according to Callender News. The administration also prepared a counter-defense. Trent was quoted in that statement as damaging to the club and that he failed to provide the team with the desired overtime.

Game Critical from ARDA to Torrent

Arda Turan anonymously criticized Torrent for Barcelona’s UEFA Europa League exit. Alda, who didn’t play, said: “We could have eliminated Barcelona. They have quality players, but they kept playing a lot of passing games. We applied options such as long direct passes and second balls. I was able to do it,” he said. Won with pressure. Frankfurt eliminated. Galatasaray may also eliminate the team Frankfurt eliminated.

7 wins in 20 games

Domenech Trent took over on 14 January 2022 as head of the Yellow-Red team, responsible for 20 competitions, including 18 Super League games and two UEFA Europa League games. The yellow-red team left the field with his seven wins in the process. Domenec Torrent students shared scores with their opponents in five matches. The Yellow-Reds have beaten his opponent eight times. Domenec Torrent has done quite well during this period, averaging 1.3 points and finishing the Superleague in his 13th place.

derby scorecard

Spanish coach, yellow-red at the start of the 2nd derby. Galatasaray beat Besiktas with his 2-0 in these matches. In the match against Fenerbahçe in Kadikoy, the yellow-red people lost 2-0 to their opponents. Under Domenek Trent’s command, Galatasaray drew 0–0 with Barcelona in his UEFA Europa League Round of 16. The Yellow-Reds bid an early farewell to the tournament as he lost 2–1 to his opponent at his stadium.