Trent: Efforts to win-TRT Spor

Torrent began his speech to celebrate Medical Day on March 14th. “I would like to celebrate the Medical Day of all medical professionals and doctors in Turkey. I would like to thank them for the work and efforts they do every day for all of us. Congratulations today. ” I used an expression.

“Feghou is out of the game because of his illness.”

Spanish coaches reminded them that they had a very difficult and intense week, “We came from a very long journey. As you know, we couldn’t go back directly to Istanbul. We left here on Wednesday but returned yesterday. We are Barcelona. We had to make a lot of physical effort against them on the court, and we made the same level of effort today. The first half came out on the field with a very clear idea. Had more ownership over Besiktas, we got more chances behind them. In the second half, the ball took a little off after Feghou left the match due to illness. In the second half, I was satisfied with the wonderful work in terms of the physical and concentration of all the players. However, in the second half, I had almost no ball, so I think I couldn’t play a high quality match. This team should have been able to play a much better game. They should have been able to play better with the games they played at home. Of course, this turned out to be the result of physical fatigue as well. , I can rest, so I have a better way to hold the ball. That’s my philosophy, but I worked hard to win the match. “ Said.

“I think this team can play better.”

“It was a very special week for teams accustomed to playing one match in seven days.” Trent said:

“In fact, what we want is Galatasaray, mostly Galatasaray in the first half. Not Galatasaray in the second half. We respect the efforts of the players in the second half. But as one of Turkey’s top teams, this I think the team can play much better, especially in the home field. We don’t see their shortcomings in that situation as we can see how tired Barkan, Patrick and Kerem finished the match. The philosophy is to have the ball as in the first half, attack fast and win the lost ball fast. “

“The way we work in the last 11 years of my sporting life”

A torrent that talks about game philosophy, “It was the way I worked for the last 11 years of my sporting life. The team is tired now, but usually can fight until the end of 90 minutes. I’ve been playing games with Pep since the days of Barcelona. This is called a position game. Some are narrow and some are wide. In this game, you need to open when you have the ball and close it when the ball is inside your opponent. We play games in tight spaces and do a lot of other activities. We try to respond quickly to sales. All of this can be improved by training. “ He said.

“Belkan is so energetic that he can move forward.”

When assessing the performance of Berkan Kutlu and Sicardau, Domènec Torrent said: “We didn’t actually play Barkan first, but when we have the ball he has a lot of energy so he can move forward. We can move forward. I always played 4-3-3. Belkan is a player who plays from penalty area to penalty area because of its quality. This happened in Sicardau and his opponent hit the player twice. Blood was bleeding from his mouth and nose. It helped us a lot, it helps us now, and it will be very useful in the future. “ I used an expression.

“Nothing can be improved without work”

Analyzing the Konyaspor match they lost 2-0, the experienced coach said:

“Pulger broke in between the two defenders in a Konyaspor game and played like a trio. In the second half he played a little better with Parger. It’s not about Parger, it’s about his position. 5-6 people. When I attacked with, if I lost the ball, Konyaspor found a gap in the back and attacked. Of course, nothing can be improved without work. Players seem to be mentally focused on this. We are Barcelona You have to be happy with the game you played against. After playing with us, they defeated Osasuna 4-0. I went to Barcelona with Bavarian but lost 3-0. I We went with Citi, we lost again. Of course, when we faced one of Europe’s top five teams this way, when we encountered a challenge, we also lost to the other teams. I have the feeling that I can do the same. “

“The best way to prepare for a Barcelona match is to win the previous match.”

Torrent said players are voluntarily working on Besiktas games. “I didn’t think it would be postponed because of the calm weather yesterday. I told the players:” The best way to prepare for the Barcelona match is to win the previous match. ” Thinking about the match, you can’t win today’s match. These players are ready to take on the job. ” Said.

“Kelem can one day play with the biggest team”

Torrent finally said about Kerem Aktür koğlu:

“Kelem is an actor who improves himself step by step. We are trying to help him by getting the right body position and playing open. We take care of all the players. And tell them what they should pay attention to, take special care of them. For now, it’s too early to talk about how far he goes, but one day he’s the biggest in Europe. You may play for the team. As a coach, we don’t just see what the player does when he has the ball. What he does when he doesn’t have the ball. It’s important to see what he does in training, how careful he is, how humble he is, and whether he is willing to do great things in the football world. “