Treasury Minister Nureddin Nevaty: Exceeds $ 250 Billion Export Target

“Last year, we gained the feature of accepting more tourists from Spain on the Mediterranean coast and earned more than $ 24.5 billion in tourism revenue,” said Minister Nevati, who said he had great success in the tourism industry. Tensions hope to be the President of the Republic. With the outstanding achievements of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ministers, Turkey nevertheless aims to achieve tourism revenue and exceed its growth and export targets. Aiming for 2022, he will succeed. Better news will come. “

Treasury Minister Nureddin Nevati said, “Trust your currency. Remember that we are in Turkey with confidence and a future. The Turkish economic model will eliminate risks from now on. First What I experienced in Turkey is now improving. “

Nevati, who participated in the Turkey Young Businessmen’s Federation (TÜG0054K) Business Summit 2022 program at a hotel in the Serik district of Antalya, said Turkey is effectively a country of opportunity.

Pointing out that the 21st century will be the century of Turkey, Nevati points out that they are under the leadership of the youth of this century, that they are looking to the future with hope and excitement, and that he is not misunderstood. Did.

“Relax. Don’t be bothered by someone saying something or spreading pessimism in another language or style.” Nevaty is cautiously optimistic, knowing their calculations and books. He emphasized that he would continue their path with principle.

Nevaty said he would continue to move forward with courage, strength and will, “We are overcoming difficulties by taking steps to achieve convenience. We are not just manufacturing ceramics, we are in all technical fields. Now the world talks about Turkey’s information technology. A country that leads the summit of green environment and climate. We are seen as a country with advanced military technology. We are such a country. We will act with confidence brought about by. We will exceed our export targets. We will raise $ 250 billion this year. Overcome difficulties. Oil prices have risen. To foreign trade and inflation. We are aware of the negative effects of ours. We do not hide them, but “we are not stepping back from the struggle, we are also fighting inflation and we are making every effort to improve exports. Foreign investors continue to see Turkey as a credible and profitable country. “

“We are taking steps to increase youth employment. We have published a National Youth Employment Strategy Document. Prompt support program,” Nevaty said, pointing out that it offers a variety of opportunities for young people. We are giving way to young people. We have a youth program to create employees and a million software developer projects. We are giving young entrepreneurs an income tax exemption. The premium incentive application allows young entrepreneurs to do business without paying SSI a year’s premium, “he said.

Nevaty said he continued the Turkish economic model, saying:

“Remember, we are using Turkish lira deposits and participating accounts to strengthen financial stability, encourage Turkish lira savings and provide Turkey and the world as a unique model to eliminate concerns about currency attacks. Please. In the war next to you, the exchange rate is not predicted. FED makes a statement about interest rates. As we have seen in the last few months, the exchange rate is currently stable and moving. So the exchange rate would have been unpredictable. Tolerable, it is almost closely linked to efforts to promote Turkish lira savings.

You can see that a series of positive effects are spreading throughout the economy. Trust the currency of our country. Remember that we are in Turkey with confidence and a vision for the future. The Turkish economic model has eliminated risks and improved the risks initially experienced. Saved the Turkish economy, which was stuck in a shallow area focused on interest rates and exchange rates. Prevented these from interfering with investment and production decisions. We are estimated to be between $ 250 billion and $ 350 billion, and we are taking significant steps to bring billions of dollars under the pillow, over 5,000 tons of gold, into the economy. As of March 1, we continue to accelerate this. “

Mr Nevaty said he was asked what he was doing as a financial measure against inflation, saying:

“Last month, we quickly reduced the VAT of basic foods from 8% to 1%. We reduced the VAT of electricity in homes and businesses from 18% to 8%. We have also taken significant steps to simplify all the complex and uncalculable methods of VAT and simplify pricing, so we will not give up on production.

Apply KGF seriously. It provided an area of ​​60 billion lira, but there is one condition. All credits you receive will focus on production. We don’t want the dollars, gold, money you receive here, here. Produce and invest in technology. Our instructions are clearly implemented and guide them in the direction of supporting the steps to increase exports. For this reason, we closely track the distribution of KGF. Just like our anti-inflation team. Of course, every company makes money. We have nothing to do with someone’s interests. But we send anti-inflation teams to those who say they are opportunistic, they will earn income in another way. At the same time, it paved the way for citizens to reach cheaper groceries by launching a “from unity to affluence” application. “

Recalling the rapid rise in energy prices after tensions between Russia and Ukraine, Nevaty said, “We are now taking important steps to ensure a transition to green energy. For green production. Supporting R & D activities in Ukraine. The President has released two good news. Supporting all farmers, unions and cooperatives engaged in agricultural production for SPP investment. Thus a great deal of financial resources. We will announce the details at Şanlıurfa on Monday. Next, we will complete the infrastructure and canal project. We will make the water of the completed dams and ponds available, and two years later again in Russia to 90 billion lira. We will share the details of a corresponding large-scale project: “The pond is completed and the water in which the pond is completed is soil. It will be an important support and breakthrough,” he said.

Nevaty concludes his words, stating that the economy is not only about numbers, but also about expectations, hopes, and the future.

“Economy means believing in what you are doing and believing in your country, land, hometown, flag. It hopes I will leave a very good future for your children. It means being. It does not mean constantly sharing the worries of the past .. You define the hope and beauty of the future with the energy you feel in every part of the cell, not just your eyes. Morning When I wake up, it means “I’m happy”. I was born in this country. “When you are at work,” Today I produced and won. I am looking to the future with hope. “Because being a business person in this country and being young is so sweet and beautiful, 40 It means that you are a business person waiting for business transformation in 8-10 years, next to a country that expects business transformation in 50 years.

Challenges are intended to show how you are willing to overcome them. The challenge is not to give up. If we are facing difficulties and trying to give up, why are we here? What is called life is being able to deal with difficulties. Be strong in the face of difficulties. It’s not about acting in someone’s negative mood. Let them look in the mirror and devour themselves. When we look in the mirror, we continue our way by saying excitement, energy, power, faith, stability, homeland, nation. The 21st century is our century. I say it persistently and stubbornly. Because I know that in the future our children will be 21 years old. When he said, he would say, “The century is the Turkish century, and there were people who didn’t believe it, they would.” The income of this country is enough for pessimism, enough for pessimists, and enough for those who do not believe. We are citizens of a very deep and powerful country. “