Transfer of Statements from Jenck Ergun-TRT Spor

Jenck Ergoon has been appointed as football director and Galatasaray Sports Director Pasquale Sensibile broke up. Centk Ergün, who spoke on club television about his duties and the new season, also sent a message to his fans.

Centk Ergün, who spoke on club television about his duties and the new season, also sent a message to his fans. Ergun describes him as very excited and happy, saying: He feels better when he comes back. I’m so excited that I can’t explain. The past seems to be yesterday. It seems that the time has passed since I left the club. But what is important here is Galatasaray. Everything else is a detailed issue for us. “I am very happy to have the opportunity to serve the club again,” he said.

“Our goal is to get ready to join the league.”

Elgun said, saying that a former soccer player had congratulated his new position. “Felipe Melo sent a message of success. All former football players sent a message. We also need to be aware of our responsibilities. Galatasaray is always to win and be a champion in every environment. A team that has been struggling. It is described as a window to the west. Our responsibilities and obligations are very high and millions of people expect us to succeed. Before us. There are only leagues and cups. Therefore, our goal is to be ready to join the league, but these are short-term processes and we recognize our medium- to long-term responsibilities. We need to allow our brothers trained at Galatasaray Academy to get more time. Galatasaray has such expectations. They are more of our young people who have grown out of the infrastructure. We look forward to finding more time and joining Team A more. It is our duty to open this up to these brothers and sisters. Preparing them is not easy. Our short term The goal is to look at the teams in the field suitable for Galatasaray fans, take pride in watching them in the stadium or on the screen, and chase the championship alone-one by one. Will fight for the championship, I can promise it. “ He said.

“We work in the midfield”

Centk Ergün, who also provided information on the structure of the new season “There are already a lot of players on the team, but except for these, there are changes that will be brought about by the transfer period, first working in what seems to be a shortage, and then working in the midfield. Today, spending restrictions have been opened and mobility has become possible. When he wears the Galatasaray jersey, we excite fans and add players who are anxious for success to our team. . ” I used an expression.

“We will form a team to play for the championship.”

Ergun emphasized that professional football has a player division, stating that the staff of the yellow-red team did not offer a name, saying:

“In Galatasaray, every separation hurt our hearts, but this is professional football. Of course, when we leave, they are financially and even if they find the right place to go. Allow these outgoing players to be replaced with players who can close at least as many as they are. There is no official offer from our club to our players. Our fans are heartbroken. Calm down, we form a team to play for the championship. Many names are mentioned in the field of coaching. Okan Hodja and foreign names are mentioned. He is currently signing a contract. It’s not right to talk about other names because we’re our teachers tied up. His time will surely come. “