Trabzonspor’s championship trophy is drawn on the stairs-TRTSpor

The success of Trabzonspor, the champion of the 2021-2022 season in the Sport Super League, continues in the city 38 years later.

A team from the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality first repaired the No. 1 46-tier ladder in the Besirli district and then painted it in burgundy blue.

Various paintings were painted on the stairs by both artists. After about 10 days of work, the Keshan pattern seen from above and the 3D photograph of the 2021 to 2022 Sportto Super League Championship Cup seen from below.

On the side of the step, Cemil Usta, Necati Özçağlayan, Ünal Karaman, Şota Arveladze, Hami Mandıralı, Hasan Şengün, Ali Kemal Denizci, coach Özkan Sümer, Ahmet Suat Özyazıcı, Şen and the last championship trabzonspor established from the day stamped to history. It contains the names of director Abdullah Avchu and the player who lifted the trophy in the air.

For those who want to take pictures with 3D patterns, we have set up a dedicated area that attracts the attention of citizens who use or pass by the stairs.

“The festive event has had a huge impact on the international stage.”

Mayor of Metropolitan Murat Zorluoğlu said he prepared the city for the Trabzonspor championship with the big and small touches they have been making for some time.

Zorluoğlu said he is trying to keep fans above a certain level of excitement. “And finally, the festive event that took place with the championship had a huge impact not only on Turkey but also on the international stage.‘ He said.

Recalling that they prepared fans for the celebration in various activities before the championship, Zorluoğlu gave the following rating:

“We are currently continuing these activities with the beautiful Burgundy Blue application showing the trophy of the stairs in the Besirli district. We have just finished three-dimensional work. I think the citizens will be interested in this area. Turkey I think it will be an area where citizens from home and abroad can take pictures. I think it is a small but effective touch. Such activities will continue in the future. “

“It has become a valuable staircase for our Trabzon.”

Hilal Yılmaz, who lives on a street with stairs, said, “A lot of effort was made, it was very nice, we liked it very much. It was a worthy staircase to our Trabzon. Waiting for the continuation of the colored stairs of Trabzonspor. I would like to see such an application on the stairs in other areas as well.” He said.

Özgün Kalyoncu said the pattern is very beautiful. “Here are the names of both old and new coaches and players. It’s good that the success of Trabzonspor, who won the championship for the first time in a long time, is still celebrated at such an event.” He said.

Saliha Genç Ongan, who took the route with stairs, also thanked and contributed to the people who applied. Ongan stated that he was an enthusiastic supporter of Trabzonspor and continued:

“I love these stairs. It’s great. We’re emotional people. We’re from Trabzonspor because we’re a team in our city. For us, Turkey is all from Trabzonspor. That’s it. I’m watching. I want to write an application on this. A ladder to increase the number of others. We like stairs like this and it makes us emotional. “

Touching on the importance of the Burgundy Blue Team to the city, Ongan said:

“We sleep in Trabzonspor and wake up in Trabzonspor. We are happy when the team wins. We are sad when the team loses. But of course we are always with you. Very much for the celebration of the championship. I was happy. I loved the national garden with my family. The trophy on the stairs was also great. “From below, it looks alive. The athlete’s name, Abdullah Avchi, is here. When I read the name, I felt like I was watching a match among the players.

Necati Berber also said he saw all of Trabzonspor’s championships and closely tracked their match.

Barber, expressing that he likes the stairs very much, “I know all the football players. The championship was invaluable to us because a lot of time has passed. Otherwise, the other championships on the team were also very good. Trabzon You need to create a similar pattern for all such stairs.‘ He said.