Trabzonspor’s Championship is Halal-Sports News

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Istanbul clubs, especially the Big 3, follow European football closely. Every year, we watch on TV how they celebrate when the team becomes the champion in Europe.

I don’t understand the problem that the country’s Trabzonspor is the champion. Referee errors have a positive and negative impact on the results of the champion team. However, at the end of the season, the scales are about the same. If the team is a champion, it is unethical to rate them as “winning the championship due to a referee’s mistake.” For organizations that employ the “VAR” system, the impact of referee mistakes is minimized.

Trabzon’s population is five times that of Istanbul

There is also this. After the republic’s proclamation, there was an influx of immigrants from Anatolia to Istanbul. As of today, Istanbul has a population of 20 million. Therefore, the real number of Istanbuls remained in the minority minority. In fact, almost all of the population, more than half of them non-Islamic, left Istanbul in the 1956 event.

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For 40 years as President of the Trabzon People’s Association in Istanbul, I statistically know that five times the population of Trabzon lives in Istanbul. We have witnessed examples of these events. How they celebrated the Trabzonspor Championship in all cities across the country and in Europe. Other team supporters, even foreigners, participated in these celebrations. Even the German Consulate delivered a meaningful message of friendship by raising the flag of Trabzonspor.

Great clubs need to learn lessons from Altay

The Trabzonspor Championship celebration was attended by more than 40,000 people from the stadium and Trabzon Square, winning three to four days later in Istanbul, first in Yenikapi and then in the Olympic Stadium with 75,000 fans. They were a natural championship and celebrated in a way suitable for the people of the Black Sea without giving them a chance. Despite being exiled, Altai, like Europeans, lined up in the field to praise and bless their enemies. But the same Altay fought like a lion in the field. There are lessons that other elders can learn from Altay. I hope they will return to the Super League as soon as possible. Congratulations.

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Let’s end this enemy

Now, there is a suggestion as a manager who has won the championship in Galatasaray for years, lost the championship by a small margin or on average, and even undefeated, but failed to win the championship. Open the white page again and get together without vulgar motives to celebrate your late celebration. Eradicate this hostility as it will happen to me and you tomorrow today. Otherwise, things go in the wrong direction. I will tell you before I forget. We also call on the people of Trabzon. Praise the Trabzon champion team. Any team …

You can’t cast a shadow over your competitors Find your shortcomings

This doesn’t end when the manager speaks in Tribune’s mouth. The maturity, impartial behavior, proficiency and silence of President Trabzonspor and board members at this stage are approaches that should be evaluated.

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Even I, as a Trabzon citizen, do not know all Trabzon administrators. Sports fans also don’t know many of Trabzon’s managers. But no one knows Abdullah Abju and his players. That is the truth. Does anyone know the president and manager of Europe’s largest team? Trabzonspor has become a European team, but we still don’t understand it? Last sentence: Instead of making excuses for failure in an attempt to hide the Trabzonspor championship, be sure to correctly identify your mistakes and shortcomings and take the necessary precautions.