Trabzonspor’s Challenging Champions League Road!

In the final qualifying round before the Giants, seven more teams will play in Trabzonspor, with seeded and unseeded teams playing against each other.

In a classification based on the performance of teams in the last five seasons in Europe, the top step teams are included in the draw as seeds.

Burgundy Blue, who has played twice in Europe in the last five seasons and scored points in six of the 14 games he played (2 wins and 4 draws), is ranked 227th in this category.

Lower rank Trabzonspor will not be seeded in the draw for this reason.

Copenhagen, the first of four possible enemies

Danish champion Copenhagen, who competes in tournaments from playoffs like Trabzonspor, is 41st in the team’s classification.

This assessment will seed Copenhagen, one of the top four teams in the pre-qualification team.

In other words, one of the four potential enemies of Trabzonspor is Copenhagen.

Who are the other three possible competitors?

Other possible rivals of Trabzonspor will come from lower rounds.

At this stage, Dinamo Zagreb, Red Star, and Olympiacos are drawing attention for their position in the team classification.

Croatian champion Dinamo Zagreb, who is ranked 34th among the teams that participated in the qualifying, is the highest rank. The Croatian team will join the organization from the second round of qualifying.

Serbian champion, team’s second-highest qualifier, and 36th in the category, Red Star will be in the tournament from the third round of qualifying.

Greek champion Olympiacos, the third team to score the highest score, will begin their European adventure in the second qualifying round, just like Dinamo Zagreb.

The next round of lottery will be held before the tour match is played

In the qualifying round, depending on the status, a lottery will be held for the next round before the match is played.

Therefore, a team that eliminates a seeded team will be promoted to the score / rank of the excluded team.

For example, Dinamo Zagreb, ranked 34th in the classification, will participate in the draw in the second qualifying round as a seed.

If the Croatian team faces 175th place Zurich in this round and is eliminated, the Swiss national team will be promoted from 175th to 34th place (lottery only) and will be one of the seed teams in the next qualifying round.

In this context, Dinamo Zagreb, Red Star, Olympiacos, or a team that eliminates these teams could become a rival to Trabzonspor in the playoffs with Copenhagen.

Participation in the Champions League € 19.7 million

Trabzonspor will invest a minimum of € 19.7 million to finance its playoff rounds and stay on the Giants’ group stage.

Burgundy Blue people will earn € 15.6 million as a set foot based on this season’s prize amount.

In terms of market revenue, Trabzonspor expects around € 3 million. If Fenerbahce, who is second in the Super League, remains in the Giants, this amount will be reduced to 2 million euros.

Trabzonspor is the team that receives the lowest income in the awards given according to the coefficient ranking. The Burgundy Blue team is ranked 125th in the scores created by looking at the performance of European teams over the last decade. Trabzonspor’s revenue on this item is € 1.1 million.

Without the Champions League, the comfort prize is € 5 million.

If Trabzonspor is eliminated in the playoff round, they will not return from the tournament empty-handed.

The UEFA will reward teams eliminated in the playoffs for support purposes, and each team will receive € 5 million from this share.

Therefore, if Trabzonspor does not receive a Champions League ticket, they will conclude the Champions League book with € 5 million and proceed on the road to the UEFA Europa League.

Mehmet Can Beloren Manager